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Welcome to Sax.co.uk

Sax.co.uk is the trading name of Saxophones Ltd, the World's leading saxophone specialists. If you love saxes you've arrived at saxophone heaven or the sax temple as Courtney Pine, one of the World's leading saxophonists describes us. Our staff are players, teachers, technicians and repairers so no one is better equipped to help you enjoy a great sax life. Our UK headquarters in Sussex is the World's largest sax store with over 400 displayed in a 5,000 sq.ft showroom. Our shop in the heart of London is London's largest saxophone shop with over 300 new models and where we often have rare second hand vintage saxophones. Both stores have in house service departments for saxophone repairs, servicing and repads.

Our range of woodwind musical instruments extends from the tiny soprillo to the sopranino, curved soprano, straight soprano, alto, C Melody, tenor, baritone, bass and even the gigantic contrabass saxophone. Everything can be play tested from inexpensive student instruments to some of the World's most exotic saxophones. We even have Vibrato plastic or polycarbonate saxophones and Akai EWI wind controllers. If you are new to the sax then we offer low cost sax hire or sax rental.

Here you will find a vast range of saxophone accessories including gifts for the sax player in your life. Nothing occupies players more than their choice of saxophone mouthpiece so we stock plastic, ebonite, hard rubber and metal saxophone mouthpieces.

All this is available in store or can be supplied Worldwide by mail order using this website.