Yanagisawa TWO1 - Tenor Saxophone - Gold Lacquer

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Upgrade now to your first professional quality sax.

The upgraded replacement for the legendary T901 series, this TWO1 brass model is suited just as well to aspiring beginners as to experienced professionals.


Yanagisawa saxes are made by a small family company in Japan who only make professional quality saxes, and they do it very well. This degree of focus means they are of a quality that even their main competitors recognise as the best. Here at Sax.co our technicians love them as they play straight out of the box and they are by far the most reliable instruments we sell.

The Yanagisawa T901 achieved "classic" status over the past 30 years as a remarkable sax for the price and a leader in it's class. With superlative Japanese design and build quality it only ever really had one serious competitor, also from Japan. The best just got better with this new upgraded TW01 model.

The TW01 has an even stronger tonal core thanks to a re-engineered bore and tone holes, plus many upgraded feature such as:

Front F Key

A new redesigned front F key for a better feel.

Right Side Key

Additional feet under the right side key levers (B, C and high E) for a better touch.

Right Pinky Key

New pinky key angle for smoother fingering.

New Engraving

Exquisite new hand engraving.

New Neck Plate

An additional neck plate for tightening the sound.

Palm Key plate

New palm key plate for added high range resonance, acoustic depth and projection across all register, and exceptional tonal stability.

Teflon octave system

Both ends of the octave key axis rotate in a receptacle that is coated with teflon to insure a smooth operation every time

Rocking table mechanism

The C# and Bb keys have a rocking table mechanism that allows for optimal speed and fluidity between these pitches

F-auxiliary key mechanism

Insures a proper seal of the pads when playing in the low range of the saxophone

"Indented" white shell keys

A player's fingers will rest comfortably in the indented white shell keys. The white shells also enhance the beauty of the instrument while also preventing the player's fingers from slipping during technical passages

Pointed pivot screw

The pivot screws that are used have a pointed end which facilitates an accurate center and precise action

Air-tight waterproof pad

The pads are completely air-tight which supports stability in playing and their life is extended thanks to being waterproof

Blue steel springs

Blue steel springs give the player quick response and are more resilient than stainless steel (they also last much longer)

Tri-point balanced bell brace

The bell and the body of the saxophone are securely connected by a tri-point balanced bell brace

Material: Brass

Finish: Gold lacquered

Key Touches: White mother of pearl

Neck: Yanagisawa

Engraving: Hand engraved

Case: Yanagisawa, rectangular back-pack style

Mouthpiece: Yanagisawa Ebonite 5CR

Made in: Japan

9 Month Interest Free Finance Available on this Product

Free Professional Set Up & Free Check over within a Year

Recommended for: Advancing students, professionals on a budget


Yanagisawa have managed to raise the quality of their instruments another notch, with the introduction of the WO series.

The sound delivery of any Yani horn has always been one of richness and smoothness, while remaining free blowing throughout. This quality remains in place on the WO horns but there is an extra degree of warmth and just a little extra focus over and above the old brass models. I’m sure this must be largely due to the change of brass on the O1 and O10 models.

As for the bronze models, there is less of a discernable difference tonally but ergonomically all of the range has benefited from tweaks within the mechanism and key-work. These are lovely new horns. Jim (Sax.co.uk)

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4.5(based on 2 user reviews)
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"Top tenor - great value"
steve w
I first tried the World Series alto saxes a couple of years back at a launch event at sax.co.uk. I went back later as I was looking for a new alto and I liked the AWO1 best of all the horns I tried although I found the neck from the silver plated bronze model made it play a bit better so I bought one of those to go with it. Id been playing a vintage T880 tenor for a while that had bags of character but was a bit heavy and clunky and not very responsive. Based on my experience with the AWO1 I ordered a TWO1and found it very slick and fast, responsive and generally easy to play. The tuning is spot on and its quite easy to create different timbres, including dirty sounds for funk. It has the same sort of appeal as vintage horns like a mark vi in that it has nothing unnecessary - the more expensive models can seem a bit overengineered, not to mention twice the price. The new cases are great as they have back pack straps and a side pocket. The supplied mouthpiece is well worth using although Ive been using a Jody Jazz NY model. In the WO series, yanagisawa have beefed up the action where it always felt flimsy in the 901 series and given more core and body to the sound. Why not 5 stars? Well, the middle D is not quite as clean and clear as notes around it, a common problem on many tenors, althoughdId not experienced itbon a Yani before. That said, as Ive played it more, the adjustment needed has become subconcious so its not really a problem. In my opinion the WO1 horns are a very smart buy. Definitely pro standard yet easy to play and you may actually prefer them to horns twice the price. Of course, if this is at the top of your budget, then there is no need to feel second best. Service was great as always from sax.co.uk.
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"If I can do it, then the Yani can do it."
richard e
My TWO1 is over a year old now and I am extremely happy with it. Inevitably saxophone reviews are personal and subjective. I dont think one saxophone is necessarily "better" than another. It depends on your budget and priorities. I play in a pop/rock covers band, a jazz quartet and a big band, so I was looking for something to do almost everything! All my saxes have been second hand and I wanted to treat myself to something brand new. My budget was roughly 3000. At Sax.co.uk I could try lots of saxes in the same place but I needed two visits. Sax.co.uk can be overawing the first time and Id recommend two trips, and bring some backing tracks on your phone. The shops staff are very helpful but it?s good to have a friend?s opinion too. For my second visit I had shortlisted four saxes. I was tempted by the gold lacquer Signature Custom which I found as beefy as the RAW but noticeably brighter; good for rock & roll I thought. Surprisingly the Yani TWO10 was too mellow for me. (Expert reviewers have said older Yanagisawas have a bright tone but the new models are a shade darker due to a changes in the brass and some keywork tweaks.) The TWO1 sits nicely in the middle; you can play mellow or push out a beefier sound. Also the TWO1 felt livelier and easier to play, something my wife felt she could hear. After 15 months Im still very pleased. I like the precise feel and the keys are firm without being heavy. Generally my fingers fall into place but it does feel a little dainty; someone with large hands might have some problems. Occasionally, if I get confused, my fingers brush nearby keys. I have replaced the RH thumb rest with one made from a strip of wood and a blob of Sugru, so my thumb sits more comfortably further to the left. I have also fitted some key risers to the palm and side keys. Both of these mods have been very successful. Ive tried different mouthpieces and the sax seems happy with them all, from an edgy Vandoren Jumbo Java to a mellow Link. (The supplied Yanagisawa mouthpiece seems to sit on the mellower end of the spectrum near the Link.) I am still using my long term favourite, a Claude Lakey Apollo in brass: warm and bright and, depending how you play it, nicely edgy or smokey and mellow. To look at, my TWO1 is much like any other gold lacquered sax but there are endearing details. "Yanagisawa" is picked out in blue on a guard plate and "YANY" engraved on the base of the crook. If looks are really important and you have the money, then the black lacquer version is really stunning. The case is solid and roomy with a huge outside pocket for sheet music and back straps that tidy away if not needed. Concerning reliability, Sax.co.uk offer a free check-up in the first year, but for logistical reasons I took mine to a local technician instead. He eyed it up, checked some clearances, gave it a good play and declared "Nothing for me to do!" That says a lot for the Yani and Sax.co.uks set up. Overall Im very pleased. If you only play rock or only play jazz or only this or that, then you might choose something else but the TWO1 sounds so good all round it is comfortable anywhere. The biggest impact on my playing is that it is so easy to play. Ive owned several saxophones over the years that have sounded good but theyve all had their foibles. This Yanagisawa seems happy to do whatever I want. If I can do it, then the Yani can do it. I feel it gives me the opportunity to play the best I can. What more could I ask!
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