Yanagisawa Metal - Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Code: BC0664
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5.0 (based on 2 user reviews)

Silver plated solid brass and one of our most popular models.

Supplied with plastic cap and metal ligature

"For me, this is one of the best metal mouthpieces. It delivers all the qualities that you'd expect from a metal mouthpiece, such as power, projection and brightness in sound, but what impressed me was the smoothness in tone. This is a rare feature in metal mouthpieces as they can so often sound "edgy", or without body. With the Yani the tone has lots of body to it, and a nice soft undertone, making it great for ensemble playing, such as big band work. - Jim@sax.co.uk.

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5.0 (based on 2 user reviews)
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