Yanagisawa Metal Mouthpiece - Baritone Saxophone

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An all-round jazz favourite from the beginner to professional player

The Yanagisawa metal mouthpieces are made in Japan and like their saxophones are built to the highest degree of precision and quality. With their versatility and playability they have become a mouthpiece of choice for many professional and amateur players.

Detailed description

Some metal pieces can be very one-dimensional in sound they produce which gives you little flexibility in developing your own personalised sound. The metal Yanagisawa mouthpieces separate themselves from other because of the amount of tonal colours that can be produced. These pieces seem to work exceptionally well on the baritone; they blow freely and you can hit the more difficult low notes a lot more easily. I found you can get a real fatness to the sound that really enhances the overall presence of the baritone and this accentuates the low-end sound. This piece is very powerful as well so you can really cut through; and the notes come out clearly and un-muffled which can be a problem on the baritone sax. One of my favourites for the baritone sax as it’s easy to play and helps produce the sound and clarity that you need as a baritone player. Dom@sax.co.uk

• Made in Japan

• Silver plated brass

• Square chamber

• Low baffle

• Metal ligature & plastic cap

• CNC machined

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