Yanagisawa Ebonite Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone

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A classic mouthpiece particularly suited to classical and smooth jazz playing

The Yanagisawa mouthpieces have been around a while are now considered a standard choice among players. Yanagisawa produce just two different mouthpieces, one ebonite the other metal. These are very high quality mouthpieces and are made with the same Japanese-precision as their instruments.

Detailed Description

The Yanagisawa ebonite pieces have a round chamber unlike the squared chambered metal pieces. This helps give the mouthpiece a smoother, thicker sound, which on the soprano can be thin and harsh especially in the higher register. When testing this piece I found it very easy to play in the sub-tone register and free-blowing. The sound is clear and precise which makes it ideal for classical playing. Tonally it has a fairly neutral sound which will help the player to develop their own sound. When pushed it does have some power, however it doesn’t have the projection as some other high-baffled pieces on the market. So it may not be suited to loud funk or rock settings. Overall for someone starting off on the soprano, where you have to make quite a few adjustments with your embouchure it’s an ideal piece. It’s very user friendly and seems to be particularly suited to either classical music; or smooth jazz settings. Dom@sax.co.uk

• Ebonite

• Made in Japan

• Round Chamber

• Rollover Baffle

• Medium Facing

• CNC Machined

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