Yanagisawa AWO20S Alto Saxophone - Silver Plated Bronze

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Very Exclusive - Only 4 ever produced for the UK!

The new AW020S elite model from Yanagisawa - A new model from Yanagisawa

The upgraded replacement for the highly regarded A992 series, this AWO20 bronze model is an instrument for the accomplished player. It delivers a superb tonal range with an unmistakably darker edge thanks to the fine bronze body, and it also benefits from the WO series re-engineered bore and toneholes, and re-sourced and redesigned core brass material. This model also has many upgraded features exclusive to the WO series such as newly designed Front F Keys, Ride Side Keys and Right Pinky Key. This 'S' model is silver plated which not only gives a superb look and feel, but also adds an extra level of smoothness to the tone.


Front F Key

A new redesigned front F key for a better feel.

Right Side Key

Additional feet under the right side key levers (B, C and high E) for a better touch.

Right Pinky Key

New pinky key angle for smoother fingering.

New Engraving

Exquisite new hand engraving.

New Neck Plate

An additional neck plate for tightening the sound.

Palm Key plate

New palm key plate for added high range resonance, acoustic depth and projection across all register, and exceptional tonal stability.

Teflon octave system

Both ends of the octave key axis rotate in a receptacle that is coated with teflon to insure a smooth operation every time

Rocking table mechanism

The C# and Bb keys have a rocking table mechanism that allows for optimal speed and fluidity between these pitches

F-auxiliary key mechanism

Insures a proper seal of the pads when playing in the low range of the saxophone

"Indented" white shell keys

A player's fingers will rest comfortably in the indented white shell keys. The white shells also enhance the beauty of the instrument while also preventing the player's fingers from slipping during technical passages

Pointed pivot screw

The pivot screws that are used have a pointed end which facilitates an accurate center and precise action

Air-tight waterproof pad

The pads are completely air-tight which supports stability in playing and their life is extended thanks to being waterproof

Blue steel springs

Blue steel springs give the player quick response and are much more resilient than stainless steel (they also last much longer)

Tri-point balanced bell brace

The bell and the body of the saxophone are firm connected by a tri-point balanced bell brace

WO Staff Review

Yanagisawa have managed to raise the quality of their instruments another notch, with the introduction of the WO series.

The sound delivery of any Yani horn has always been one of richness and smoothness, while remaining free blowing throughout. This quality remains in place on the WO horns but there is an extra degree of warmth and just a little extra focus over and above the old brass models. I’m sure that this must be largely accountable to the change of brass, which will be having this effect on the WO 01 and 010 models.

As for the bronze models, there is less of a discernable difference tonally, except to say that ergonomically all of the range has benefited from tweaks within the mechanism and key-work. These are lovely new horns!! - Jim@sax.co.uk

Staff Review

What a beautiful sax! This has to be one of the more interesting alto pieces we currently have in our store. The sax itself is made out of bronze with unlacquered silver plating which resonates very well adding to the maturity of the sound. The sax maintains all the best characteristics of the full, warm presence found in the bronze but has the silver edge which gives it more clarity and focus. This also makes the sax very flexible giving it great tonal balance throughout the horn. The fact it is also part of the WO range makes it even more desirable as the re-engineered bore and tone holes help develop the sound further along with that precision key work and light action that Yani’s seem to have. - James@sax.co.uk

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