Yamaha YAS-62 04 - Alto Saxophone - Gold Lacquer

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4.5(based on 3 user reviews)
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A perfect upgrade from your student sax or a great, versatile horn for a professional player

The latest version of the popular YAS-62. The YAS-62 has long represented a benchmark for entry level pro horns.  

What’s the difference between YAS-62 04 and YAS 62-III ?

Absolutely none! The YAS-62 comes with two different codes on the box (not the instrument). Those that are imported into the USA are marked up as YAS 62-III whilst those marked as YAS-62 04 are for European import. There is no difference between the two other than the code on the box.


For an "all rounder" the Yamaha YAS-62 is extremely hard to beat. Very much designed as a blank canvas, this horn is at home in pretty much any context from rock to classical and responds well right across the board. Anyone who’s finding themselves held back by their student instrument, or a more advanced player looking for a great sax on a budget should definitely consider a 62 as their next step forward.


Material: Brass

Finish: Gold lacquered

Key Touches: Simulated white mother of pearl

Neck: Yamaha

Engraving: Hand engraved

Case: Yamaha, rectangular back-pack style

Mouthpiece: Yamaha 4C

Made in: Japan

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Recommended for: Advancing students, professionals on a budget

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    4.5(based on 3 user reviews)
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    This is a great saxophone. I tried it against a Selmer Axos and an Awo1. It was nothing compared to the Awo1 but was surprisingly equal to the Axos. The reason the YAS-62 is probably the most popular sax among pros (aside from other yamahas and the selmer mark VI (overrated)) is because it is really good not perfect, not as good as an Awo1 but pretty good. I used a vandoren optimum mouthpiece, a vandoren optimum ligature, and vandoren v12 size 3 1/2 for best classical sound and vandoren v16 mouthpiece, rovner light, and vandoren green Javas size 3 for jazz/modern sound.
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    "Pretty good "
    Saxophone Guy
    Lets face it, this is probably one of the most famous saxophones (among the mark vi, balanced action, yas-82z, super action 80 series II and III, etc.) This is famous for a reason. Now this is not a perfect saxophone, however this is a very reasonably priced saxophone. This is a decent entry-level professional saxophone. Of course it is not a top professional saxophone like a SA 80 series III or a yanagisawa awo20, but this could make as a first really good alto saxophone. I seem to have had success (classical) with a selmer s90 170, vandoren optimum ligature, and a vandoren v12 4 reed. As far as jazz goes, an ebonite Otto link 7*, the vandoren optimum ligature (yes again), and vandoren V16 2 reed. This is definitely a really good alto saxophone. You should definitely consider it as an OGrady from an intermediate saxophone. It is a good investment. I hope this was helpful.
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    "This is THE YAS-62 (YAS-62III)"
    Cool Saxophone Man
    This is a great horn, i use it when i play in my local orchestra when there is a sax part. It has gotten me so far (even though Ive had for a short while). This is a VERY good horn. I love it, better than any Keilwerth or P. Mauriat sax. Better than any Mark VI Ive played. AND these are very consistent horns. I love them. In case your wondering (most people say this in the review) i use a Selmer S90 170 opening, Vandoren optimum ligature and rico grand concert select reeds (sometimes Vandoren V12s or rico reserve) for orchestral music. And as for jazz, an otto link 8, Vandoren optimum and rico select jazz filed reeds or Vandoren Java greens. I hope this was helpful!
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