Yamaha Custom Ebonite Mouthpiece - Alto Saxophone

Code: BC3999
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Excellent high quality ebonite mouthpieces as supplied with Yamaha Custom saxes.

For a first upgrade, or more advanced playing in a clean/classical style, the Yamaha custom is well worth considering. These 'pieces are large chambered for a full tone and come in relatively narrow tip openings for ease of playing. Customs are one of the easiest soprano mouthpieces to work with, nicely in tune & full sounding throughout the registers. Controllable, and warm, they serve well as a 'blank canvas'- freeblowing and effortlessly expressive without too much of it's own character colouring a player's sound.

Supplied without cap and ligature. We recomend a Rovner or BG ligature.

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5.0 (based on 1 user reviews)
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