Vandoren ZZ - Tenor Saxophone Reeds - Box of 5

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Buy any 5 boxes of reeds - Save 10%

In tests with Jazz saxophonists, the artists found the new reed to be immediately responsive without sacrificing the brightness or tone quality required for their style of music.

Its free-blowing characteristics made the artists immediate fans of the new reed.

The differences between ZZs and Javas is relatively subtle- but noticeable if they are played off against each other. Both reeds are clearly aimed at players within the jazz, blues or even pop field but are designed to emphasize different parts of the core sound. Javas are relatively bright, edgy with plenty of cut to them (as I said above, a good choice for jazz/funk and the like), ZZs- though still fairly bright- facilitate a big, somewhat husky tone. There’s pleasing fullness and ‘boom’ here which is very satisfying to work with. One warning though, these reeds do not seem to like respond well when overblown, these are not an ideal choice for use in a loud, inadequately monitored situation.

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