Vandoren V5 ebonite - Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

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B95 A very open tip, long facing, the jazz mouthpiece.

B75 Jazz mouthpiece. Recommended for Big Band saxophonists.

B35 The same qualities as the B25, but a bit more open.

B27 Designed for playing with optimum tone color throughout the compass of the instrument. Recommended for classical study.

B25 Classical mouthpiece featuring easy sound production, and an even sound in all registers

What has impressed with the range of Vandoren mouthpieces is the quality and clarity of the sound produced. With good reeds and a good ligature these mouthpieces feel very comfortable to play and really help the sax player to maximise his or her potential. There are a wide variety to choose from whatever style of music you are into. They are professional quality mouthpieces in every way at an affordable price.

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