Vandoren V16 Metal Tenor Mouthpiece

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The tenor mouthpiece is made with the legendary “Bell Metal” brass, then plated with 24-karat gold.

Available in 3 chambers:

• S: Small chamber: The original V16 model relabeled with the Small indication. A centered sound with a lot of projection.

• M: Medium chamber: Inspired by the famous mouthpieces from the 50's/60's. A round and deep sound.

• L: Large chamber: In the tradition of the 40's. The great vintage sound.

Tip Openings

T5 - Uniquely available with the large chamber, recommended for use with the ZZ reeds strengths 2½, 3.

T6 - A very versatile mouthpiece with a medium tip opening. Recommended for use with the JAVA and ZZ reeds #3

T7 - An excellent balance between opening and facing length: this is the reference model for the S and M chamers

T8 - Particularly recommended for use with the JAVA “Filed - Red Cut” and V16 reeds # 3.

T9 - The most open mouthpiece in the line, a perfect balance with the JAVA “Filed - Red Cut” reeds strength 2½.

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