Vandoren Jumbo Java Ebonite - Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The hottest ebonite mouthpieces in the line. Designed with a small chamber, high baffle and a big bore for an increased sound impact and edgy tone comparable to metal mouthpieces. Extremely versatile: from hot jazz to blues to funk to rock. Recommended for use with Java or V16 reeds.

T97 Lots of sound; light reeds are recommended

T95 Rich sound; balanced in all registers. For Jazz & Fusion.

T75 Powerful, yet easily shaped by each individual. Ideal for Rock & Fusion playing.

T55 Perfect for Jazz Fusion.

T45 Very bright, with great precision and control.

What has impressed with the range of Vandoren mouthpieces is the quality and clarity of the sound produced. With good reeds and a good ligature these mouthpieces feel very comfortable to play and really help the sax player to maximise his or her potential. There are a wide variety to choose from whatever style of music you are into. They are professional quality mouthpieces in every way at an affordable price.

Staff Review

There can be no beating around the bush. This is a bright and loud mouthpiece. Due to its large baffle and big bore, this mouthpiece projects with plenty of edge to help carry your sound through any situation you may find yourself in. Whilst it can be brought back a bit, I feel like this was not the intended purpose and would be best suited to somebody regularly playing in loud bands looking for that extra edge. This would also appeal to those looking for the extra edge an expensive metal mouthpiece would provide, whilst retaining the comfort-ability of an ebonite piece. As with the rest of the Vandoren range, I found there was enough resistance to help you crank it up to 11, but still remained easy to blow.

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