Theo Wanne SHIVA2 Metal Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone

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The Theo Wanne Shiva2 for Sop is designed to put the player at the top of the sound-chain! Great for a vibrant, Kenny G-like timbre, singing, soaring, bright and powerful!

The Shiva combines both a step and roll-over baffle. It also has a smaller chamber than the vintage Selmer Soloist mouthpieces. If you’ve been waiting for a small chamber Theo Wanne soprano mouthpiece, this is it! The SHIVA power and body make it suitable for Rock n’ Roll and R&B. Yet there is nothing ‘thin’ or ‘brittle’ about the sound, so it is also flexible for any type of music.

Currently used by both Gerald Albright and Marion Meadows.

Like all Theo Wanne products, the SHIVA 2 is made using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies.

Sound-wise, there is plenty of kick and projection, but at the same time there’s a sweetness and smoothness.


• Material: Brass and gold plated

• Made In: USA

• Chamber: Small

• Baffle: High step-baffle

• Ligature: Two rail, single screw ligature

• Manufacturing Method: CNC-machined

• Recommended for: R&B, Rock, Pop and Smooth Jazz


"Initially I had fears about combining a bright metal mouthpiece with a soprano sax! Normally you wouldn’t imagine the two would work hand-in-hand, but on this occasion I was happy to be proven wrong! Theo has this knack of designing bright pieces that contain an incredible amount of quality and joy within that brightness – this makes you want to show off this aspect of the sound, rather than hide behind it! In this case the sound has a sweetness and soaring-like quality as well as the ability to be able to drop down to nothing with a dark and smooth undertone. Very flexible, and nicely suited to soloistic situations, be it smooth jazz, rock and roll or R&B." - Jim (

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