The Skou Breath Builder

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This has been a popular, well known product in the brass world which we think can hugely help us sax players and singers.

Developed by the late Bassoonist Harold Hansen of Las Vegas, USA, the Breath Builder is a device used to feel the sensation of inhaling and exhaling. It is a 6” tube of plastic with a ping-pong ball inside. The bottom is sealed and the top has 3 holes drilled to vary the resistance.

Blow deeply from the diaphragm and the ball rises to the top of the tube.

If you blow incorrectly just from the chest, the ball barely moves.

The idea is to keep the ball up as long as possible by both exhaling and then inhaling slowly and deeply.

The Breath Builder requires 14 ounces of pressure to hold the ping-pong ball at the top of the column.

You will find your tone greatly improves and you will find yourself having a much broader, fuller and relaxed sound in no time.

Please ensure you lubricate the tube with cork grease or Lipsyl every time it is used and remove the tube when not in use.

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