Customer Testimonials

Simon Bosman

I would just like to say a massive thank you to all of you at, especially to Sean, an immensly helpful, knowlegeable and thoroughly pleasant chap !
Last Saturday my 12 year old son and I had the pleasure of visiting your Sussex store to purchase a bass sax. Something we'd been very much looking forward to for some time.
Upon my arrival I found that Jules (with whom I'd had a lengthy email conversation over the preceding two weeks or so) had already organised the large sound room upstairs for me. Sean then introduced himself and showed me to the room, made a cup of tea for my son and I (which was most welcome after the 250 mile journey from Manchester !) and brought me a Worldwind bass and a Sakkusu bass sax which were the instruments I had told Jules I was interested in. I was also offered a blinding array of baritone mouthpieces to try with the saxes.
I was then left to my own devices for a as long as I pleased and told that should I need anything at all, even if it's just another cuppa, just ask !
After a couple of hours of deliberation (and reaching the point where I had no more breath left in my lungs !) I settled on the Worldwind bass and a Jody Jazz baritone DV 8 mouthpiece which complimented the instrument perfectly, the tones that are achievale with this combination are beyond belief. If you want a loud, ripping, rock'n'roll sound from a bass sax then buy this set up. However, if you want to play it quietly (or you haven't got lungs the aize of bin bags) then maybe this mouthpiece isn't for you !
Prior to my arrival I had never even seen a bass sax in the flesh, let alone played one ! Despite this, I was given the freedom to blast away for two hours or more with advice and guidance from Sean whenever it was needed. I just hope that the racket I was making didn't put any of your other custmers off !!
It was quite clear as of the moment I arrived that absolutely nothing was too much trouble. An exemplary service from start to finish.
I was also offered an excellent deal on all the accessories, the mouthpiece, the harness and Saxrax bass sax stand (boy those things aren't cheap but they're worth it, look as though they've been built withstand a direct hit from an exocet !) with which I was extremely happy.
Once again, many many thanks for a great deal, great advice, a very warm friendly welcome and a great day out. I'll be back as soon as I can convince the wife that I also need a baritone !!
Cheers Si

Peter Clarke "A big thank you for patiently helping me"

Dear Team
Firstly I wish to apologise for not contacting you sooner.
A couple of months ago I visited you at Crowborough, complete with my beautiful Selmer Cigar Cutter, to celebate its 80th birthday, by showing it all of its modern great-grandchildren; it being the first wonderful 'Selmer Super Sax'.
I proceed to try out numerous professional altos including top of range Yanagisawa, Yamaha, Selmer, Mauriat; definitely all good saxes, and one or two others you produced from your extensive stock (heaven), but when I tried the hand made Rapone & Cazzani R1 Jazz OT Brass Alto, there was no turning back, I had to have it. You offered to sell my Cigar Cutter, but I said NO because it is 'family' and I will never part with it. It has a unique tone that I want to keep for its exceptional beauty.
I have been playing reeds for some 64 years now and have blown most makes of saxes, but the new R & C is, in my opinion, even better than my first Mark 6 (definitely better than my Mark 7); the tone is outstanding and so is the key balance. The response is 'out of this world'.
Perhaps it is just a 'me' thing, but the overall balance seemed a little strange and I have to turn the neck slightly clockwise to put the centre of gravity over the strap ring and thumb rest, making the bell point slightly to the left; but, what the heck, how hard is that. If It was good enough for 'Pres' on his tenor it is definitely good enough for me and does not affect the playing at all.
And I got some change from the cost of most of the others.
A big thank you for patiently helping me.
Regards, Peter Clarke

Colin Gavigan "Nothing seemed to seem too much trouble"

Hi Adrian
A HUGE thanks to you and the lads, Paul, Simon, Liam, and JC. We had a fantastic one and a half days trying everything worth trying (Deke horns, me mouthpiece's). Nothing seemed to seem too much trouble, excellent service offering, us the customers, the opportunity to get most from our time down in London. The Theo Wanne Kali I bought just gets better the more I play it, totally covers every base for me. Although Mark (Deke) didn't buy the Reference 54 he had whittled the pack down to, there was never one bit of pressure from you lads, just encouragement and good advice, even advice where to go for a dram so we could summarise and review what we had tried out. We are constantly spreading the word back in Glasgow. Keep up the good work, you a good lad Adrian.
All the best Colin Gavigan

Eleanor "You made the whole transaction a pleasure"

Dear Jim.
Firstly we would like to say thank you not only on the arrival of our purchase,that would be too minimal but the patient and professional way you dealt with my too many questions.... seriously you made the whole transaction a pleasure and if we have any queries concerning any of my husbands saxophones we have your number, can you also thank Jules for his initial input and from all of my family in France we wish you all in Sussex a merry Christmas and a jazzy 2013
Sincerely Eleanor

Lee Tubb

Id like to congratulate you and your staff especially Simon. I visited your shop on Sunday arriving at opening time, after a brief explanation as to why I was there Simon very quickly showed me to a audition room and brought in the sax`s id mentioned.
as a non player and having never as much as held a sax before Simon went threw everything I needed to know in order to get me producing sounds.
well surprisingly I blew my way threw 3 hours and left the shop very happy with a Yanagisawa 901.
Id like to take this opportunity to say how much of an enjoyable experience it was.
please pass on my gratitude to Simon!
I found from the forum sax cafe after a discussion with Pete Thomas who recommended your shop to me.
Rgds Lee Tubb.

Paul Craven

Dear Team,
Just to say thank you again for the exemplary service. I have just taken delivery of a Keilwerth Edition alto sax . The sax arrived in record time, especially considering the recent Bank Holiday. The packaging was excellent with the sax case immersed in a sea of polystyrene flakes held in a stout cardboard outer container. This is the third sax that I have bought from you ( The others being a Mauriat PMXT66RDK Tenor and a Selmer series 3 soprano) and I would have no hesitation in using you again. This service is not only available on the Internet... it is the same in your Denmark Street shop. I received great customer service from your knowledgeable staff over the choice of a soprano mouthpiece. I was given advice over the various options and then left to try out the various models without any sales pressure. I was even offered coffee! This is a rare thing nowadays so, please keep up the great work. If you are in the market for a saxophone, don't mess about with dodgy "special offers" on Ebay, go to the professionals, you won't be disappointed!
Cheers, Paul Craven Powys


Dear all at,
thanks again for the great day I could spent at your place at "saxo-mekka" Crowborough! I was worth the trip.
Top facilities, competent and very nice staff - and the surprise with the Bauhaus Walstein TM -Earth in the end that had just arrived the day before. Best sound in my ear (and Celia's) and cool looking.
The bass saxo is a super experience - it's like therapy!
I hope we keep in touch and once I have recorded my first song with the saxo, I will let you know. Until then you can check what I did before, on myspace, under "Paul Ennison"
All the best and until soon,
Joachim Toulouse, France


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at for your help and advice in my quest for a couple of outstanding saxes. You were patient, answered all of my questions, and delivered my instruments when promised, as well as service after the fact. A wonderful experience!
Regards Dr. Bill


Dear Phil,
Thanks for all your teams help in selecting my nex sax. Really enjoyed the day and and thanks in particular to Jules who was really helpful both before, in our email traffic, and throughout the day today. That said everyone was really friendly; great business you have there.
Thanks also to hosting Dudley as well. Not quite as talented at repairs as Lola but will be bringing him on slowly!

Colin Gavigan

Hi Adrian
A slightly belated, ( 8 weeks.....oops, yikes!), but hopefully of no less value, a BIG thank you to yourself, Paul, Simon, and Liam (for arranging my horn selection), for your hospitality, advice, and listening closely enough to my saxophone selection needs and my expectations being more than met.
I had no intention of buying a Japanese sax when I came down from Glasgow, having my heart set on a P Mautiat, as a suitable replacement for my 1936 Conn 10M. I have to thank you Adrian, for gently coercing me to try the Yanigisawa 992 Bronze, a saxophone with the character and lightness of action my vintage bias ears, and china hands, required.
You lads at Sax.Co helped make it such a fabulous weekend. So much so, that after one and a half days of trying saxophones and buying my dream machine, my guard obviously dropped and my partner, Charley, talked me into buying her an engagement ring. My suspicions about a pincer action were raised when I saw her and Adrian high-fiving!!
Ah well, who's caring................everyones happy. Adrian got a more than happy customer, me (the happy customer) I got a cracking horn, and my beautiful gal got her man...........the happy customer!

Take care boys and keep up your extremly high standard of customer care.

Best wishes
Colin (Happy Chap) Gavigan


Hi Adrian
I just wanted to let you know how helpful and supportive your staff were when we called in earlier today. They were very patient and nothing was too much trouble. The young French (?) chap was particularly encouraging in helping Rebecca to overcome her shyness when testing the mouthpieces amongst strangers, and suggested ways she could improve the sound of the lower notes. It was great for her to hear them play too. Each of your team played their part in ensuring Rebecca tested the widest range of mouthpieces available, as well as reeds to achieve the sound that she wants to accommodate the needs of her jazz and classical playing. I would like to thank you also for suggesting certain mouthpieces to your staff following my emails.

We had a really enjoyable few hours and Rebecca managed to find what she wanted. I am very grateful and we will do all we can to promote to fellow musicians as & when the opportunity arises.

Please pass on my sincere thanks. We look forward to receiving the goods when the Thomas Adams School places our order in the very near future.
Kind regards,

Ben B provide the best service, best products and best experience in the saxophone business. Thank you to a highly recommended team, the saxophone player's idea of heaven.
Ben B

Mr Blackmore-Thomas

Hi Liam,
My wife and I came in yesterday to ask about mouthpieces and straps for a tenor.
Although to you it might seem like a minor thing you gave excellent advice and service.
The new harness and the small sticky pad on the mouthpiece has made a tremendous difference
Her confidence is much less affected by errors and mistakes. Her sound is much improved.
So, a big thank you to you and your shop.
Mr Blackmore-Thomas


Dear Jim and the team at!
Being in a service industry myself I know its nice to get good feedback J, so I just wanted to write and say thank you SO MUCH for your help on Friday last week for sorting me out with a new horn so quickly after my one being stolen – your service and professional advice really are second to none and it was very kind of you dedicating so much time to helping me out at such short notice.
You were all so helpful and accommodating and I really appreciated how easy and hassle free you made the whole experience. And to top it off I love my new sax!!
I will definitely be back in the spring for an upgrade, so for now thank you very much again and see you soon,
Best wishes,


Hi, Just wanted to say a big thank you to the chap that helped us out in Crowborough on Saturday; sorry we never asked his name, but know he plays guitar. We visited your store after a recommendation from Victoria Goodridge who rates you very highly and we we not disappointed.
My wife has just started sax lessons and was looking to buy her own sax. The chap was very helpful, knowledgeable and provided us with a selection of sax to chose from. After over an hour sampling the offerings my wife made her choice. It was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and we were impressed with your range, staff and store. The other guys were very friendly and we enjoyed the demo of the plastic sax!
The staff were a credit it to your company.
Thanks, Will & Janette Lipyeat


I spent 2 hours at your shop last Thursday, playing a full array of tenors. I'm the one with the red sailing jacket and the swiss accent.
I was in London only for a couple of days, and couldn't even make it to come back to finish my shortlist, being caught-up by all our other obligations.
As I'm still on the market for an upgrade for my current Mk7, I'm looking forward to come again, but not sure yet when it will be possible.
In the meantime, I'd like to thank you sincerely for your great welcome, and congratulate you for the quality of your shop. All the horns I could try were perfectly setup: I never experienced anything comparable in the past. Amazing.
Anyway, thanks again, looking forward to come back, and kind regards from Switzerland
David Burckhardt
Ependes, Switzerland
Alias dexdex on


It's been just over a week since I purchased my Selmer Series III Tenor from your Crowborough shop and I can already say, it was a great decision! I've not stop playing it and it just sounds amazing! Thanks very much for your expert opinions they very much helped in making my decision, is truley the best music shop I have ever been to, I've passed my experience on to others and will point them in your direction if they are ever after a new sax! It not only provided me with a brilliant sax but also an unforgettable experience!
Thanks again!
Nick Brown


order no ff47nj1001362, goods delivered unbelievably fast, and in good order, a first class service, I wish others, were half as good as yourself.
thanks again Frank Finnighan.


I purchased a sakkusu tenor from you in mid-august, and I thought I'd take the time to tell you what a fantastic pack I think it is! It's the first saxophone I've ever bought (and the first tenor I've ever played) and from the moment I took it out of the box, it sounded fantastic, and I've nearly managed a full chromatic scale. Including the yamaha mouthpiece is a brilliant idea and gives the tenor such a warm, rounded tone it just makes me want to play it more. The key work is nicely laid out and the black in-lays make it seem more unusual. The sax is also of a good weight but not so heavy as to be cumbersome; including a sax stand was also a great help for when it needs to be put down, knowing it will be safe and that there's no pressure on any of the key work. The case is also brilliant, I was amazed of the quality provided for a beginner's instrument (my mum even asked if I'd had to buy it separately!) I thought the cleaning materials supplied were also impressive- no other sax I've seen comes close to having such good maintenance materials (including the new Yamaha ES1 alto's). There's only one quibble I have with the pack, and that is the reed strength. I would have prefered a slightly stronger reed included (perhaps a 2 1/2 or a 3) or the option to select the reed strength. I'm finding the 1 1/2's just a little too soft, although this could be because I play Oboe for my primary instrument and have some clarinet and sax experience already. It's only a minor thing, and apart from that, I have no complaints! I will definately be recommending the Sakkusu brand to my music teachers and anyone I come accross who's interested in taking up the saxophone! Your service was also prompt and efficient.
Many thanks!
Holly Etheridge

Adam McLoughlin

Hi Adrian,
Great, glad everything in regards to payment is sorted now!
Now about the finish. Thanks for being so helpful, I'm really content with how the horn plays and I don't mind in the slightest wether it tarnishes.
Earlier this year I had issues with an clarinet I'd got from another place, which cracked almost instantly and it was very difficult to get any help.
I've been a little paranoid since, so when I was unsure wether it was damage or tarnish I panicked. I have to say though you have changed that.
Honestly the best service I've had anywhere. I'll definitely be back if I ever need a horn or anything remotely related to it.
Thanks again,
Adam McLoughlin


Dear All at
I just received my first ever saxophone, and I wanted to let you all know of the excellent customer service I received. I ordered the sax on Saturday and received it today Tuesday, not only did this arrive 2 days later but the person I spoke with over the phone was really nice and helpful. I even changed the delivery address the day it was meant to be despatched. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to buy/ hire a saxophone.
Thank you once again for your excellent service.
Kind Regards
Serena Sidhu

John Timp

Hey guys
I just wanted to say a big thanks to all you people who helped me choose my
P.Mauriat 66RX last Saturday for my early 40th birthday pressie. I was such a kid in a sweet shop I couldn't remember who I spoke to but the chap who was sent out for the sandwiches was the one who helped tremendously and let me try so many tenors - you know who you are!!! I can't tell you how great the experience was - topped off by having a blow on that bass sax! My only regret is I didn't spend longer exploring - maybe next time!
Thanks again guys - you've made a (nearly) 40 year old a little happier.
See you soon
John Timperley

Dan Shackell

Just thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with new Bauhaus bronze curved soprano (improved action model) received a couple of days ago. Played beautifully through the range straight from the box and is extraordinary value for the money. Really well built with a great tone and as good as models two or three times the price. Thanks especially to Scott at Crowborough who took time to chat on the phone and recommended it to me. Great advice.

Chris Baker

Hi Phill,
My Mauriat arrived safely yesterday and i am over the moon. She sounds even better than i remember. She is like no modern sax i have ever played before. The tone is incredible, resonant rich and pure. And the bottom end ,wow! What can i say it melts your heart. I always regretted selling my Selmer Mark Vl. But i have found a sax that sounds as good ,if not better, and blows ans keys a lot easier. Thanks a lot. I will be out to see you all next time i am in England.
Chris baker.

Massimo Spazian

Dear Sir ,
The mouthpiece was just delivered to me , and it's in perfect conditions .
Again , many thanks for your high level service (not easy to find today) , and please accept my Best Regards .
Massimo Spazian

Jenni Barnett

Hi Adrian
As I'm sure you could tell I had completely disengaged with my brand new Selmer II. I had spent 3 or so weeks trying to work out why my playing had gone from 'absolute beginner with potential' to 'beginner - this is absolutely and consistently awful' and zero potential. It made no sense to me at all. Every single aspect of my playing was considered in order to try and work out this situation and it greatly impacted my confidence with this instrument and me. I was crap! not an emotion I am used to experiencing. I was playing - well fighting with my sax every single evening within a disciplined and committed time table of 30 minutes no matter what - with disastrous effects.
But.... on my drive back from your London store I replayed every word you said to me and thought about how I could implement your knowledge, experience and skill to my advantage. I was actually very anxious about even taking the sax out of the case but I did as soon as I got home.
I opened up my balcony window and played my sax. I did honk and screech intermittently and annoyingly but I applied exactly what you told me. I continued to play scales until I had implemented every letter and every word of your advice. Then everything made sense and when it didn't (like I tensed up or became anxious or stressed unknowingly) I knew what I needed to do. Then I repeatedly played long notes then I combined long notes and scales. The difference was that I was now empowered with your knowledge and that meant I could exclude emotions such as "I'm no good at sax, or I can't even play a bloomin Selmer, or the Selmer is crap and or faulty." My playing sounded the best it has ever been. I was back on track.
I was so pleased with this sax session that I played a beautiful Luther Vandross ballad and I was very pleasantly surprised. I did a little honking and screeching at parts but 75% of the song was played without error. I can even say (I think) there was definite sections of my playing the song where I did not sound like a beginner. This amazing sound and tone just came out of the sax. I could not believe it was actually little ole me at the mouthpiece. I sat down took a deep breath and repeated the song. I then concluded my playing with putting a little twist practicing my scales and long notes. I cleaned my sax and made it all shiny again and I admit that was exactly how I felt relaxed and smiling and shiny.
Ebonichick has now got her groove back thanks solely to your patience and extensive knowledge experience and skill in the Saxophone World and it's official white men who can play sax can definitely Jump!!
I love both my Adrian and my Selmer II and I don't care who knows it! (please smile)
Adrian - Thank You so much.
I will visit you again soon and I so hope you will be proud of my new playing skills as evidence of your very understated and calm but professional manner combined with your technical but brilliant expertise.
My kindest regards Jenni Barnett

Colin Gavigan "I can't thank and recommended you and enough"

Back to the crook and soprano. I can't thank and recommended you and enough. The whole process, from discussing, with you and Jules, what would be my chosen soprano, planning out and actioning the financial package, the P Mauriat being delivered the day after you received my paperwork, to how blisteringly quick the curved crook was repaired and despatched back to me, simply breathtaking and totally painless. I wouldn't have been able to afford a new soprano so soon after Christmas had it not been for the 'Loan' financial package you offer. It just makes owning a new saxophone so accessible.
As usual, it's been a pleasure doing business with yourself Jim, and
Colin Gavigan


Hi Guys
My Sax ( Trevor James Rev II Tenor in Black Nickel and Silver) and my Runyon Custom mouthpiece arrived the day after I ordered it so top marks on delivery. I had to lower my budget significantly unfortunately and bought it on heresay and youtube demos, i must admit I was quite apprehensive buying middle of the road but I needn't have been. The sax comes with a very solid quite impressive case, I've just spent 2 days breaking the sax in getting some moisture about the thing and I haven't had to adjust a thing, top marks on the pre set up. The sound was the big gamble as I want to get back to my first love of Reggae and Ska but I have to say the Runyon with spoiler paid off with the Nickel finish ( I have a Runyon quantum on my Alto ) . I am very very impressed indeed and I wholeheartedly couldn't recommend you more.
Many Thanks

Simon Belk

Dear all at,
I came to your Sussex store at the weekend and bought a Yanagisawa A902 Bronze with Vandoren AL3 Optimum mouthpiece.
With the intention of buying a Yamaha 82Z, I decided it really wasn't for me, showing what a disaster it could have been had I not at least tried it out first, which wouldn't be at all possible if it weren't for your store! I also want to thank the London store for sorting out a quick transfer of the instrument so that I didn't have to go all the way up to London to try it!
Buying it through the school meant I had to leave it behind when I went home at the weekend, but your quick delivered meant that it was with me by today (Wednesday) only slowed down by the school, that ordered it on Tuesday - slackers!
I have literally been playing it all afternoon (including a 5 minute break somewhere!) and can say I absolutely love it! So thank you so much for all your advice and help, particularly Bill and Jim, in finding the right one for me!
Hopefully see you all soon (my wallet has been slightly singed this week, but I'm keeping my eyes on some of those metal mouthpieces!)
Simon Belk

Mrs. Carol Gill

Dear Sax & Co,
Mrs Carol Gill Hire T J Saxophone Ref: 14084
I am writing to say Thank you for sending the Sax to me so promptly. I would also like to say how impressed I have been with your company, the whole transaction has been extremely smooth and slick!!! The Sax arrived when your member of staff said it would and everything was included in the delivery as promised. I was recommended to go to a company in Chichester by my sons Sax teacher, but after visiting the company I did not find them helpful and they also had no stock and I would have had to make a second trip to collect. When I returned that day from this visit, I decided to surf the net and I found your company. An absolutely brilliant service and I did not even have to leave my house.
Thank you & keep up the good service. I will highly recommend your company to my son's school, Portsmouth Grammar and of course all my friends and family.
Kind Regards Mrs. Carol Gill

Ville Kyllönen

I just wanted to let you know that the Bauhaus-Walstein M2S tenor arrived on
my doorstep last Friday and I have been enjoying it immensely since then!
First I must say praise because of the very good packaging that had secured the sax. Secondly, I was very glad that the sax plays so well straight from the box so I reckon you're tech has done his work well.
The horn is very sturdy and built very well. As I inspected the horn thoroughly I couldn?t find anything to complain about the cosmetics, action or how the horn blew. It feels very slick and solid under the fingers and I must say how surprised I was that this horn is capable of producing such a big and full sound! It speaks with presence and sings well from top to bottom with richness to the sound without sounding too bright. (For the record, I tested the M2S with my regular setup of Morgan Excalibur 8 EMLL and both the old and new RJS 2M's)
With this weekend of experience on the Bauhaus-Walstein M2S tenor I feel like I got more than I was expecting and feel very happy about it. Money well spent!
All in all, I'm very happy about doing business with you and look forward to
ordering from you again.
With kind regards
Ville Kyllönen

Steve Summers

This is a thank you email,
I am very happy with my sax. I expect you'll remember me as I was allowed several hours in one of your rooms on sat 20 nov - you were very helpful and also patient
I've done 2 gigs already with it and its been great - i will grow into it and later probably think about that silver crook.
Thanks again
Steve Summers

Steve Rozek

Hey Jules,
I just wanted to say thank you to you and the rest of the staff at your shop. You guys were amazing! Great customer service and going the extra mile. I really appreciate it. As for the horn, it arrived in great shape and I can't say enough good things about it! I've been playing it next to my VI for the last few days and I am very happy with the purchase. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you and the rest of the guys at shop. Take care.
Steve Rozek

Jaclyn Charlton

Hi there,
I came yesturday to try out some sax's and you brought the 1938 tenor sax up to your shop for me, it was such ashame that it didn't have the sound i was looking for. I would just like to say thankyou for all your help and i had a fantastic day! Ive come home and i LOVE my new sax, couldn't wait to get it out of the case and crack on with some rehearsing.
You have a fantastic shop and i wish there was something like that around here or you could pick the whole shop up and move it here for me hahaha!
thankyou for all your help and hopefully i will be back soon.
Kind Regards Jaclyn Charlton


just a few lines to thank you for the quick delivery of my Yanagisawa A9937 Solid Silver alto. (AM637410001827) i ordered it on the 2nd of sept about 10:30 am and it was here in Sweden at my front door on the 3rd by 14:00. It is truly a magnificent instrument Aesthetically and mechanically. The intonation is spot on. It has good resistance but maintains flexibility . I love the sound it is far more interesting than my old Buffet series 400 It must be due to the silver.It is the third sax i have ordered from you. I have a selmer SA8011 tenor and a yamaha Custom YSS875EXHG. In all three cases the instruments where well set up and delivered it appears by rocket power.
Many thanks Andy

Graeme Turner

Hello team,
I'm very pleased to tell you that the package with Yanagisawa neck and other accessories has arrived yesterday evening. The new neck has dramatically opened up the sound, making it more even in the whole register :). I had it with my alto on a jam session yesterday, and even my bandmates (who are really deaf in terms of saxophone sound ;)) noticed the difference :). Shipping was just lighting fast - not even the whole week!
Thanks a lot for your great work, I hope that we'll be able to do business once again :).
Best regards, Szymon Lukowski soprano, alto & tenor saxophones


Dear, Just a quick line from a complete beginner to thank you for the assistance I received by using your very helpful, well set-out & user-friendly website, followed up by your excellent service when I ordered some reeds & a basic DVD to start me off (delivered promptly by 1st class and at minimal charge to boot). I found your website by typing "Saxophone" into AOL's search engine and I'm very glad that I did so. I hope to call into the Denmark Street shop next week during a very rare trip to the Capital. Would you by any chance you know of a similar site/shop relating to Trumpets, which I've been playing on & off for over 40 years? Whatever searches I've tried on Trumpets, Cornets, etc, find mainly American sites and I don't seem to be able to find anything as helpful as your Sax site. Keep up the good work,
Colin Pierce, Formby, Merseyside.


Hi Jim
Just wanted to say thank you to you and team for all the help you gave us when purchasing our Pink Trevor James Sax. Despite the original problems with the Saxophone you had in stock the service you gave us was genuine, helpful and excellent. I can not thank you enough for arranging a Saturday delivery, it arrived in perfect condition by 10.30 and my daughter was thrilled and amazed with her present.
I can not thank you enough and would highly recommend your services to anyone, and will most definitely shop with you again.
Kindest regards

Andrew Morris

Hi there Just to say thank you for your excellent guidance and insight during my recent trip back to buy a mouthpiece. I'm delighted with the new sound from the Selmer - which is just what I wanted even though I really didn't have the words to express it. A very enjoyable hour spent at your shop and a wonderful outcome. Now I just have to learn to play the thing.... :-) Many thanks again... Andrew Morris

M Turp

You may not remember me but I call to see you just before Christmas and left my nice old Yam T61 with Colin for repair, ( I'll come to that soon), I have to say that my time at your store was wonderful, your staff were very helpful in choosing the right mouth piece for me and so helpful with the other things, in fact when I bought my last new car the garage staff have a lot to learn from you, the next time I am in England I am going to call just for a coffee and the atmosphere. Colin, well when I got back down south after Christmas he met me in Horsham with my much missed Sax and we had a good chat about it and now I am back in France and "back at it" it plays and reacts absolutely fantastic and a special thanks to Colin and all the team at the store, you have a lifetime customer (pity I am now 67) but I will use you all the time. Thanks to all Michael Turp


Thanks for incredibly fast service, you are even faster than the Norwegian web stores with your deliveries! I have never experienced ANY web shop delivery that fast from anywhere in the world!!!
I have visited your store in Denmark Street on several occasions, but now I'm going to be a regular customer via the web-shop!
Thanks a lot!
Merry Christmas from Norway!
Best regards, Dag Veidal

Nick Thompson

Hi Adrian,
Just catching up with myself and wanted to drop you an email to say thanks for the great service. I visited both you in London and the guys at Crowborough on at least four occassions before making my final decision and nothing was too much trouble for you, thanks for your patience. My sax and mouthpiece set-up is fantastic, although I'm still getting used to it as it plays better than I do !
Thanks also to Jules and the finance team for setting up my Take It Away finance so quickly.
No doubt see you again next time I'm in London.
Regards, Nick


Dear Jim, Jules and Phill, Our order arrived yesterday and we are absolutely thrilled, thank you so much. Your professionalism and kind advice made the purchase an absolute pleasure. My Runyon Quantum Metal is a real bad boy! It is the naughtiest mouthpiece I have ever heard. Mind you I have really cranked it up by leaving the spoiler in, put on a Hahn synthetic reed and bound it all together by a Rovner 'Versa' ligature. Wow! Such power and easy blowing, and the top end really screams. It is like having a 'Big Bertha' in your golf bag, ready to bring out and blow the competition (over indulgent guitarists) away. As for the Audio Technica wireless mic systems, we haven't had a chance to try them out yet. But with our new Band's first concert on Friday, the systems came with enough time to get them set up properly before we perform. Should be a real blast.....Bar Walking....., anyone? Anyone? Yes...I think so!
Cheers again guys and look out for my order of a PMT-66RUL in the not so distant future. Keep up the great work. All the very best, Alan


Dear all,
Just a quick note so say a very big Thank you, for all the help your team gave us last Saturday in choosing a saxophone. how patient you all are! especially as we were last out of the shop.
We initially came in to buy a soprano but after listening to you advice chose a tenor. We were also very impressed by the speediness in which you turned the order around and got the delivery sent to essex music services the same day. An excellent service all round and we shall definately be visiting you again in the future and recommending your services.
By the way Eliza is chuffed to bits with the sax and has her first lesson on Friday with Geoffrey Wilson.
Thank you again,
Tracy, Ian and Eliza French

Andy- my first Saxaphone

Hi Guys, ID like to say a big thanks to the guys in your London store, I bought my first Saxaphone on December 23rd 2009 and have since gone back for 2 more. After just 10 months of playing I had my first Open Mic Gig with a band. Attached are 2 photos. 19th October 2010. The Maybury in North London Thanks again for your great service and support.

Allen Worcester

Dear Bill
Thank you for preparing my horn which arrived this-morning at 8.00 am!
The instrument plays like a dream, the quality just oozes out of the horn both in terms of sound and appearance. The "Take it Away" scheme is brilliant - how else could I have obtained a horn of such class, and the speed at which the whole process was accomplished was amazing.
Once again, many thanks to you and all your colleagues at the Sax company!
Best wishes
Allen Worcester


Dear Jules,
I am writing to express my gratitude for your suggestion concerning Silver Selmer I got two weeks ago. I felt a bit sceptic after seeing the tag "made in Thailand" But my daughter was today thrilled by this wonderful present. She is absolutely happy although she already has a Yamaha alto sax. Sooner or later I will buy from you a tenor sax. You re a trustworthy person and I hope you have a lot of grateful customers like myself.
My daughter will get a tenor sax as a graduation gift from your hands I hope.
Many, many thanks again and good luck in life!


Hi guys,
Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help in choosing my new tenor (I got the beautiful Trevor James frosted silver one about a month ago) as well as mouthpiece, reeds, case, etc! The tenor is so gorgeous- it's literally been turning heads at gigs and so many people have said they've never seen such a beautiful sax before, and more importantly the sound it makes is fantastic too, just what I was looking for! I'm very very pleased with it, and just wanted to say a big thanks to all the staff for being so friendly and helpful as I spent hours going through tons of saxes and mouthpieces!! I was so impressed with the range of saxes and accessories you stock and after 6 years of browsing your website it was well worth the pilgrimage to the Crowborough store! I live in hope that you'll open a shop in the West Country so I can make regular trips!
All the best,
Cat Hardy

Alan, North East of England

Hi all,
We came down from the North East of England last week, blinking from our coal mines into the dazzling light reflected from your amazing selection of saxophones! Thanks to your excellent website I'd been able to do my homework and narrow down the choice before we arrived, otherwise I'd have still been there today. Even so, making a decision was deliciously difficult, but superbly facilitated by yourselves. Your service was really friendly, highly knowledgable, very sensitive to customer needs, and which felt personal: the imperative for you was less about just selling a sax and much more about making sure I felt I was buying the RIGHT sax. I appreciated the unlimited amount of time and space you allowed me to play them all and make up my mind, with no pressure (save that of sheer choice!!) and with a constant supply of instruments to pursue until I found what I was looking for. You didn't lurk, either, which can be the case in some shops and which can put a person off, and yet you were on hand for tips, advice, suggestions and .....more saxes to choose from! We had a great afternoon, and took home a FABULOUS Yanagisawa T902, which is absolutely spot on: the exact sound I was seeking. Thank you so much for everything.
They were very impressed when we got back down the pit: had me playing all their favourite Coal Porter numbers....
Alan Widdrington

Chris Cornish

About 2 months ago I purchased a P.Mauriat PMXA-67RUL from your London store. At the time I was asked to let you know how I got on generally.
Firstly let me say that the service and shopping experience was a pleasure. Having worked in a high end retail outlet and sales myself I appreciated the time and advice that I was given (and the coffee).
Having played the saxophone for 17 years this was an exciting shopping trip for me, investing in a proffessional standard horn after running my Yamaha YAS-25 into the ground. As a student the correct investment was vital as I will be playing this horn for a long time and it marks my development into more than just a keen amateur/semi pro musician.
I was given the opportunity to play all the high end saxophones in the store on a number of occasions and make an informed choice.
As for the P.Mauriat: It's a beast. As a funk/blues and jazz player I wanted a full vintage sound. My budget wouldn't stretch to a Selmer Mk VI in good condition and the 67RUL was the closet equivalent I played (but with none of the footfalls of an old horn). The new Yamaha's and Yanagisawa's were predictably well made and had very fast actions but felt characterless compared to the Mauriat. The new Selemer's at a grand more were predictably superb but I couldn't justify the cost difference given how much the Mauriat offered.
Of course the choice of a horn is very personal and your set up will alter the sound considerabley (I play a Meyer 6* New York with the Vandoren File cut Java's) but having played the sax now for a couple of months it still amazes me every time I pick it up. I have gone up in reed strength and still find it like a wild animal that needs taming, this is common in guitars but not saxophones in my experience, it just keeps giving. Between it's appearance (the un-lacquered finish is just beautiful and gives it that vintage look) and deep resonant sound I have found a sax to take me to the next level (and with a lot of work hopefully beyond).
Thank you for making the experience a pleasure. I will be recommending and the P.Mauriat to all the horn players I know. Regards
Chris Cornish

Wayne Holden.

Good morning. I recently bought a Selmer Liberty form you in the bronze finish, and I have to say what a fantastic sax this is. Great look, but even better sound. The sound is quite dark & rounded. The action of this sax is also fairly quick too. I am playing it with a Runyon 7 plastic mouthpiece with a La Voz medium reed and it has quite a buzz to it. The sax performs very well through out the register from top to bottom. I also have a Mauriat PMXT66R tenor & I only bought the Selmer Liberty alto as a second low cost instrument to mess about with. The problem is, im that impressed I can't put it down & I prefer playing it to my tenor. I would recommend this sax at this fantastic price to anyone who's looking to learn the sax, or up grade to a better instrument. Thank to you all Wayne Holden.

Martin Fennell

Jules, I recently spent over 3 hours in your store choosing, with your help, mpcs for both my Alto and Tenor saxophones. I'm very pleased with both purchases - V16 ebonite for my Yamaha Alto, and Berg Larsen grained ebonite for my 66R. Many thanks for your help (and patience), and what a joy it was to visit your store. I'll be back on my return visit to the UK next summer! I also took the opportunity to visit your excellent Denmark St shop when I was in London.
Martin Fennell

Peter Clarke

Dear Team
Firstly I wish to apologise for not contacting you sooner.
A couple of months ago I visited you at Crowborough, complete with my beautiful Selmer Cigar Cutter, to celebate its 80th birthday, by showing it all of its modern great-grandchildren; it being the first wonderful 'Selmer Super Sax'.
I proceed to try out numerous professional altos including top of range Yanagisawa, Yamaha, Selmer, Mauriat; definitely all good saxes, and one or two others you produced from your extensive stock (heaven), but when I tried the hand made Rapone & Cazzani R1 Jazz OT Brass Alto, there was no turning back, I had to have it. You offered to sell my Cigar Cutter, but I said NO because it is 'family' and I will never part with it. It has a unique tone that I want to keep for its exceptional beauty.
I have been playing reeds for some 64 years now and have blown most makes of saxes, but the new R & C is, in my opinion, even better than my first Mark 6 (definitely better than my Mark 7); the tone is outstanding and so is the key balance. The response is 'out of this world'.
Perhaps it is just a 'me' thing, but the overall balance seemed a little strange and I have to turn the neck slightly clockwise to put the centre of gravity over the strap ring and thumb rest, making the bell point slightly to the left; but, what the heck, how hard is that. If It was good enough for 'Pres' on his tenor it is definitely good enough for me and does not affect the playing at all.
And I got some change from the cost of most of the others.
A big thank you for patiently helping me.
Regards, Peter Clarke