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All the essentials you need to accompany your new saxophone. Purchase this bundle of high quality and recommended products to save over 15% against the cost if purchased individually.

Bundle includes

- The Saxophone Method Book 1 by John O'Neill

- High quality music stand

- High quality saxophone stand

- High quality pull through

- 1x Box of 10 Rico by D’addario Reeds

Why do I need these?

The Saxophone Method

Learning material! You've got a saxophone, now you need something to show you how to play it! The Saxophone Medhod by John O'Neill is a great book that's easy to follow and comes recommended by

Saxophone Stand

When your instrument is out of its case, setup on a stand and ready to play, it gets played more. This stand from K&M is one of our most popular sellers and is a safer way to store your saxophone than leaving it on floor, sofa or bed!

Music Stand

You will need one of these sooner or later so buy now as a part of this bundle and save some money!

Pull Through

Keeping your saxophone clean and dry and after playing is vital. This pull through does just that.


Most instruments have a consumable part that requires replenishment. For the saxophone, reeds are the part that you need to replace. With regular practice you can expect to use one reed every two weeks. Save a little money in advance by buying them as a part of this bundle.

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