SR Technologies Pro Mouthpiece - Tenor Saxophone

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Something of a favourite here at, An extremely well made piece with a pretty much perfect balance of full body and just enough edge to cut in a loud situation without compromising its core tone. Great responsiveness too. There's always something really satisfying about playing a piece with good hand finish to its tip and rails, the SR Tech range offers this without breaking the bank….

Pro Tip Opening: .108 inches

Pro 115 Tip Opening: .115 inches

The Tenor Pro and Pro 115 are identical except for tip opening. The Pro tip opening is .108 inches and the Pro 115 is .115 inches. With their moderate baffle and medium chamber these mouthpieces are very versatile and ideal for a wide range of styles.

SR Tech Mouthpieces

We came across these mouthpieces through the recommendation of professional players. I wasn't sure how the polycarbonate resin material would effect to overall tone. My previous experiences of plastic based materials have been disappointing. But what a sound! Bright, edgy but still with a great rich tonal core; it is incredibly free blowing and responsive. My personal favourite is the L-85, the slightly larger tip opening gave helped create more body to the tone. Plus if you get caught by some trigger-happy trombone players, it doubles as a small bullet proof vest! But seriously it is great for funk and lead work, bring it on Maceo Parker!

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