Signature Custom - Tenor Saxophone - RAW

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A great British sax, optimised for jazz players.

The Signature Custom Raw has established Trevor James as one of the World's finest saxophone makers. Designed and hand built in the UK, it features an unlacquered finish and an enlarged bell offering a bigger broader sound.


Hand built under the supervision of Trevor James' head technician Dave Farley at their UK headquarters, the Signature Custom range is one of the finest available. Solid and robust, spanning from the huge, booming vintage tone of the Raw to the more modern, focused sound of the Bronze, Gold and Silver.

This Raw model features an enlarged bell to encourage a bigger broader sound and other new refinements such as double arms on the low C and C# keys.

Rather than having the usual treatment of polishing and buffing the brass, it is left raw and simply dip cleaned. It is unlacquered so the finish will mature with oxidisation. TJ advise that you don't polish it.

As a relatively new model, many players arrive at our stores without the Sig. Custom on their list....but after extensive testing take one home with them, it really is that good!

Material: Brass

Finish: Raw unlacquered

Key Touches: Mother of Pearl

Neck: Signature Custom neck

Engraving: Engraved bow and bell

Case: Trevor James rectangular ABS case

Mouthpiece: None

Made in: UK

• 9 Month Interest Free Finance Available on this Product

• Free Professional Set Up & Free Check over within a Year

Recommended for: All standards including professionals, especially those playing jazz, soul, rock & funk


I love the Raw to bits! It certainly goes up to 11! The dynamic range is amazing, the choice of tones you can get is endless: anything from a mellow Paul Desmond to an edgy Maceo tone. It is truly the Mother of all Saxophones! Tony 'Rico' Richardson

I have just had a good blow on both alto and tenor versions of the Raw Brass model and can't believe how dynamic and expressive the sound is! There is a much greater texture and open-ness over and above the regular polished and lacquered finishes, and I think that Trevor James have discovered a formula that will speak volumes to many a jazz player! Jim (

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