Selmer (Paris) Super Session Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone

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Designed for the Reference saxophones but a great companion for any sax!

The new Super Session mouthpiece has been specially designed for Jazz playing, though being also suitable for a more academic work. The outside shape makes it look a little different from the traditional Selmer (Paris) design; the inner conception of the chamber gives this new mouthpiece very attractive playing features required by modern players. A wide dynamic range enabling a great adaptation capacity to various contexts, an unequalled flexibility to switch easily from triple piano to fortissimo with maximum control and a generous and centred tone.

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Selmer paris Mouthpieces

Selmer Paris mouthpieces have been the gold standard for several generations now. The reason is their consistency, their ease of playability, and most of all, their unsurpassed tone quality. What you will find in each mouthpiece series is the characteristic Selmer Paris sound-beautifully warm and sculpted with a sweet center. Articulation is easier, dynamic range is increased, and maximum expression is allowed on these incredibly stable mouthpieces. There is a Selmer Paris mouthpiece for every type of playing situation

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