Selmer (Paris) S90 Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone

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Almost all student saxes are supplied with a very basic plastic mouthpiece, many of which are poor quality. If you want to start your soprano playing career on a classy hand made ebonite model from the World's leading manufacturer then a Selmer (Paris) S90 for this price is an absolute bargain. Just ask your teacher! Easier to blow, improved tuning, better tone and more dynamic. Choose the smaller 170 or 180 if you don't have much puff!

Small tip openings make for an easy blow but restrict the tone & dynamics quite severely as you develop your embouchure. To continue progressing you need a wider tip opening and a Selmer 190 or 200 is ideal as your first "really good mouthpiece," especially at this price! To ease the transition it is fine to step down a reed strength for a little while, until you get used to your new mouthpiece. Ultimately you will find it easier to blow with improved tuning, better tone and dynamics. If you can handle harder reeds on your student mouthpiece it is a good indication that you are ready for an upgrade.

The S90 can be considered the most universal mouthpiece. Producing a very direct homogeneous sound with great flexibilty and suppleness, this mouthpiece will meet the needs of both students and professionals alike. An efficient and responsive mouthpiece it produces excellent high notes. Being stable and reliable the S90 is naturally appropriate for Classical playing

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Selmer paris Mouthpieces

Selmer Paris mouthpieces have been the gold standard for several generations now. The reason is their consistency, their ease of playability, and most of all, their unsurpassed tone quality. What you will find in each mouthpiece series is the characteristic Selmer Paris sound-beautifully warm and sculpted with a sweet center. Articulation is easier, dynamic range is increased, and maximum expression is allowed on these incredibly stable mouthpieces. There is a Selmer Paris mouthpiece for every type of playing situation

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