Selmer Paris Concept Alto Mouthpiece

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Concept is the latest model in our firmly established line of mouthpieces. It combines Henri SELMER Paris legendary know-how with ultimate manufactiring technologies. This mouthpiece provides ease of playability, a rich tone and a great consistency. The innovative and refined design of the CONCEPT perfectally illustrates the philosophy of Henri SELMER Paris.

Staff Reviews

This mouthpiece has a beautifully clear and responsive tone. It has very similar properties to the famous S80 - if anything, the sound is a little broader, despite the close tip opening. For me, it's not quite as bright around the middle octave range and has a nice 'floating' quality when playing legato phrases.

The new Concept mouthpiece is a new revolutionary design made by Selmer/Paris in conjunction with Claude Delangle, Professor of Conservatoire Nationale Superieur de Musique de Paris (CNSM).

It is a new design and a particular feature is that the beak is more ‘Duck like’. A feature which I found very comfortable and stable in the embouchure. The roof of the mouthpiece is much lower and the facing is much shorter than the S80 C* and Soloists (The wider and much preferred choice of the classical saxophonists).

It has a warm and beautiful sound with great projection. A depth of tonal colours and a smooth, even matching tonal quality through the full range of the saxophone.

In playing saxophone concertos, I found a wide range of expressive qualities and a wide dynamic range. It is easy to blow and consistent throughout the whole range. It has much focus and clarity and the fast, articulated passages were clear, clean and precise.

This mouthpiece is essential and much needed for the ever expanding saxophonist looking for more in their performance.

I currently play this mouthpiece with a BG Duo Gold ligature and Hemke 2.5 reeds

Tip Opening - 0.0582 in

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