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New from Saxrax: Is this the sturdiest stand ever made?!

The new Saxrax X stand features four legs, a low center of gravity and extremely a solid build making it one of the most sturdy and solid stands on the market today.


Alto - Perfect for Alto Saxophones

Tenor - Perfect for Tenor Saxophones but also accommodates Alto Saxophones

Staff Review

Never ones rest on their laurels Saxrax are back with another new design. The philosophy here seems to be to give a horn the lowest possible centre of gravity for extra stability- combining their classic high sided, U-shaped bell holder & a four leg support system (rather than the more usual tripod) for extra protection. The result is extremely impressive- a tough, robust stand which should provide about the best base for your sax either at home or on stage. As with all Saxrax equipment –it packs down small too.

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