Saxmute One Alto

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Check out this amazing new plastic sax-mute! It's simple to assemble; operates with the use of a neck strap, a standing sax stand or a speaker stand; affordable and it reduces the noise level to that of a conversation! It's the perfect solution for sax players looking to practise and not disturb the neighbours.

A normal saxophone loudness level is typically 90- 95 dBA, which is characterised as "very loud," on a par with a power drill. Saxmute One reduces saxophone volume by 30dB to as low as 55 - 60 dBA, which is equivalent to a normal conversation level, or the background noise of an average office.

Saxmute One can be mounted onto a regular PA speaker stand or a Hercules standing saxophone stand: Hercules - DS730B - Alto/Tenor Grabber Standing Saxophone Stand (shown in the picture, but must be purchased separately).

Alternatively, Saxmute ONE can be stacked onto any horizontal surface of proper height.Saxmute ONE Alto also can be used with a neck strap or shoulder harness.

At half the price of the E-Whisper mute, this product does the same thing and at almost the same sound reduction level.


- Easy to play through all registers

- Comfortable hand holes

- Easy to set up/easy to dismantle

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4.5 (based on 2 user reviews)
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