Sakkusu Deluxe Care Kit

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A brand new high quality care kit designed by containing 8 essential care products for the saxophone. Each item has been specially selected to ensure your saxophone stays in a fantastic working order.

Complete with clear instructions on how to use each item properly.

To purchase all items separately would cost £42


BG Pull Thru (branded Sakkusu) - One of the highest quality most absorbent pull throughs available - It is important to clear your sax of moisture after every playing session to prolong pad life and minimize problems with pads sticking.

I Love My Saxophone - Sax Mitt (branded Sakkusu)- Clever design and easy to use. Use this after playing to reduce the effects of dust and acids from the hands.

Premium Superslick Cork Grease (branded Sakkusu) - Apply a little cork grease to the cork at the end of the sax neck so that the mouthpiece slides on easily.

High Quality HW Neck Saver - This is the fluffy pipe cleaner style item that is simply passed through the sax neck to clear it of moisture.

AWM mpc brush - For good hygiene regularly clean plastic & metal mouthpieces with this brush

AWM reed clip - Use this to securely hold & protect two of your favorite reeds so they are always ready for action!

BG A65S Pad Drier - Great new product from BG to help clean pads and eliminate "sticky pad" problems. Triangular shaped reusable cloths easily slide between pad and tone hole for cleaning.

BG Mouthpiece Patches - Fix one of these self adhesive patches to the top of your mouthpiece to prevent bite marks. Some players also find they reduce unwanted vibrations.

Instructions- Clear instructions with pictures on how to use each item properly.

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