Sakkusu - Baritone Saxophone - Gold Lacquer

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An entry level baritone which punches well above its weight. Great for doublers & section work.

For a baritone on a budget these horns have become something of a standard. The Sakkusu baritone is a light, responsive sax with a medium bright tone and plenty of projection. These are horns with a strong bottom end and stable intonation throughout – perfect for anyone wanting to take up baritone or for more experienced players wanting a second horn for section work.


Material: Brass

Finish: Gold lacquer

Key Touches: Simulated pearl

Neck: Sakkusu

Case: Sakkusu hard case

Mouthpiece: Yamaha 5C plastic

Made in: China

Free professional set up and free check over within a year

Recommended For: Students, Doublers, On a Budget


"For a student instrument, this baritone is a real bargain. I was very impressed with the overall quality and tonal capability. The tone spreads very nicely at the top end and doesn't appear to show any sign of weakness. The build quality seems very substantial too. It's extremely rare to see a baritone that plays in tune and operates well at such a low price!"

"While not in the same league as Yamahas and Yanagisawas the Sakkusu Baritone is a great sax for, well, what baritones do- delivering big, full bass lines, and beefing up sections. Plus –its vastly cheaper than virtually any other reliable horn on the market. I’ve used these horns on several recording sessions and they deliver the goods very impressively – easy blowing, in tune and with the big, full sound one hopes for from any bari."

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5.0 (based on 2 user reviews)
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