Roland AE-10 Aerophone Digital Wind Instrument

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The all-new digital wind instrument with traditional sax fingering and flexible onboard sounds

The large sound selection recreates saxophone models from soprano to baritone, plus wind instruments like clarinet and trumpet, string instruments, and even synths. With built-in speakers, battery power capability, and DAW connectivity, the Roland Aerophone AE-10 is the versatile, play-anywhere choice that supports you in every musical scenario.

Seasoned players will feel instantly at home with the familiar saxophone fingering system, responsive SuperNATURAL sounds, and a breath sensor that reacts like your favourite acoustic horn.


- Mouthpiece features sensitive breath sensor with reed structure for friendly playing feel and control over techniques like vibrato and pitch

- Roland’s proprietary SuperNATURAL sound technology reproduces the subtle tonal nuances produced with dynamics and articulation

- Realistic and expressive saxophone sounds include soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone, all instantly transposable to any key with no fingering stress

- Wide variety of additional acoustic sounds include wind instruments (clarinet, flute, and trumpet) and string instruments (violin)

- Roland’s latest synth sounds on board, optimized for breath control

- Onboard monitor speakers and headphones output for playing anytime, anywhere

- Battery operation (6 x AA) for up to seven hours of continuous play

- Easy connection to a computer DAW via USB

- Input for connecting a smartphone or music player for playing along with backing music

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4.5 (based on 2 user reviews)
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