Rico Plasticover - Soprano Saxophone Reed - Single

Code: BC0930
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Coated for durability and consistency. Designed to resist moisture and climate changes, Plasticover is ideal for use in outdoor ensembles such as marching band, and for doublers who need to make quick changes between instruments. Whether in moist tropics or in desert heat, Plasticover responds instantly. The durable coating also provides a clear, projecting tone, making Plasticover a favorite with jazz, studio and pop musicians.

"Basically, Rico Royals with a thin black, plastic skin to make them more robust and hard wearing- as well as giving them the ‘immediately playability’ of fully synthetic reeds. Another effect of the plastic is that it evens out a lot of imperfections in the reed’s surface and makes boxes of Plasticovers one of the most consistent reeds available. Sound wise, they work well with punchy, percussive playing- a strong contender for jazz, rock or pop. A favourite here at sax.co.uk amongst those of us who play with amplified bands." Jules@sax.co.uk

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