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ReedJuvinate is a unique woodwind reed preservation system that prolongs the life of your saxophone and clarinet reeds, eliminates microbial contamination of your reed, and maintains the perfect moisture level so your reeds are instantly ready to play beautifully. The reeds are at the perfect moisture level and kept sterile by a humidifying them with evaporated Listerine.

ReedJuvinate saves you money. Your one time purchase quickly pays for itself by reducing reed costs.

ReedJuvinate is convenient. Your life as a reed player is easier when you have three sterile reeds, always within easy reach with the convenient magnetic holder, and immediately ready to play.

All reed sizes fit ReedJuvinate (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone; Bb, A soprano, Eb alto, and bass clarinet).

ReedJuvinate maintains the perfect reed humidity. The ReedJuvinate system lets you fine tune the water level of your reeds, avoiding the dry/wet/dry cycle that breaks reeds down. A ReedJuvinate reed is a stable reed that is immediately ready to play well for you.

ReedJuvinate stops bacteria and fungi growing on your reeds. Bacteria and fungi break down your reeds, and may be bad for your health. We performed microbiology experiments on two tenor sax reeds each played 30 minutes daily for five consecutive days. The first reed was maintained in our system, the second was stored in a traditional dry holder. We then cultured the reeds for 48 hours on soft auger plates. The ReedJuvinate reed was sterile. The traditional dry holder reed was heavily contaminated by bacteria and fungi.

ReedJuvinate is convenient and your reeds are immediately ready to play. Your reeds stored in the ReedJuvinate system are always ready to play. The magnet keeps your ReedJuvinate close at hand, on the music stand, chair leg, or instrument stand. It is small enough to fit in your instrument case, and works even when upside down. The humidity and sterilization solution is Listerine – inexpensive and available everywhere.

ReedJuvinate saves you money because your reeds last longer. Reeds are expensive and short lived. Your reeds will play many times longer, so ReedJuvinate pays for itself very quickly. ReedJuvinate is a one time purchase.

ReedJuvinate  keeps your reeds clean and healthy. Reeds grow bacteria and fungi, which are unhealthy. Two new reeds were each played for 30 minutes daily for five days, and then placed on culture plates for 48 hours. The ReedJuvinate reed was sterile, while the untreated reed was stored dry, and grew bacteria and fungi. Which would you rather put in your mouth?

ReedJuvinate may improve the health of your students. Medical studies show woodwind players have higher rates of sinusitis, respiratory tract infections, and respiratory symptoms. These studies show that many infectious organisms, including bacteria and viruses, can live on reeds for days after playing. Respiratory infections run rampant through many bands and orchestras. Sterilizing reeds between uses may reduce the spread of infection. Additionally, reeds colonized by moulds can trigger allergic lung reactions in the woodwind player and those around him or her (see the ReedJuvinate Science page for details and references).

ReedJuvinate saves precious class and practice time. Reed players waste valuable time at the start of each session getting their reeds wet enough to play, and the reeds don’t perform well until some time into the class. When your students have ReedJuvinate™, they always have three stabilized reeds ready to play instantly.

ReedJuvinate is cost effective for teachers. Reeds are expensive. Many music instructors supply reeds to their students, either routinely, or when a student’s last reed dies. Having longer lasting reeds reduces your costs.

Reed sharing options. When supplying a reed to a student without one, it is convenient and safe to sterilize your reeds between uses by storing them in ReedJuvinate.


"I’ve been testing the ReedJuvinate for just over a month now, and I’m pleasantly surprised by my experience. I picked three reeds I had never played before, soaked them following the instructions and have kept them inside the ReedJuvinate since. I have been playing on these reeds every day since I started using the ReedJuvinate, they’re always ready to go and feel much more consistent compared to keeping them in the standard reed cases. Since I started playing the saxophone I have never been able to play on a single reed for a month, let alone a few reeds for over a month and counting. It’s extremely easy to use and for the price of a box of you average reeds it’s certainly worth giving it a go." -

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5.0 (based on 5 user reviews)
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