Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Curved Soprano SS

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Solid Silver (SS)

Solid Silver (925) Saxophone. Unlacquered finish to free harmonics. Hand hammered bell, body and neck. Light key work and action. Elaborately hand engraved.

Mouthpiece & accessories included.

Supplied with Rampone Light Case

Rampone & Cazzani

These beautiful Italian saxophones are still made using techniques from the "golden age" of sax making and consequently share many of the same qualities of those sought after vintage classics.

The same family have been making instruments in the tiny village of Quarna Sotto high in the Italian alps for nearly 200 years, in the same workshop and even using some of the original tools! All the essential skills have been handed down to the current generation of 9 craftsmen, 6 of whom are family members.

No other manufacturer can boast such tradition and this manifests itself in instruments that ooze character. For this reason we have decided to stock more and list our Rampone saxes as individuals. It is not a case of some being better than others (they are all good!), just different. Each strike of the craftsman's hammer minutely changes the instrument's response so no two saxes are exactly the same.

Many modern saxes produce a sound that is very pure but a little 'one dimensional'. Some players prefer to sacrifice some of this purity for a richer 'multi dimensional' tone where harmonic layers can be more easily exploited. This is a major reason why vintage instruments are sought after but if you want the benefits of modern day reliability, ergonomics and intonation then bring on the Rampone!

The finest materials are used - red brass, bronze, copper, nickel silver and sterling silver. No lacquer is used allowing the instruments to resonate to their full potential. Brass instruments are plated with thick old fashioned 24ct gold or silver plating. These saxes are intended to look as retro and vintage as they sound so do not expect the 'perfect' cosmetics found on more mass produced horns. Bells are hand beaten, the unique etched decoration is hand chiseled, an unrivalled choice of custom options........add to all this a large helping of pride & passion and you can see why more and more players are falling in love with Rampone & Cazzani saxophones.

"My favourite soprano" - Courtney Pine

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