Nadir New Crescent - Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - Gold Plated (Handmade)

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Manufactured by hand with immense precision by the legendary Dave Guardala's workshop colleague, Nadir Ibrahimoglu.

Building on his skill learned with  Dave Guardala, Nadir has continued with the classic designs as well as introducing several new variations of his own.

This sort of construction is very labour intensive but the overall quality is without peer. Cosmetically the appearance is much smoother with no cut marks. This facilitates a better airflow throughout the piece. In our tests we've found its sound becomes more complex and richer with additional harmonics. Difficult to put your finger on exactly why or what is going on, but is it worth it......ooh yes!

Crescent model was designed with the "Coltrane" sound in mind. The sound of this mouthpiece is reminiscent of the John Coltrane album "Crescent" circa 1963. It features a slightly smaller tip opening (106) than other models and has a large bore and a slight baffle.

This New Crescent model should be used by those players who prefer a dark sound.

Ships with a Specially designed cap and ligature

Tip opening 7* (106)

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