Morgan Fry Original Metal Tenor Mouthpiece

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A beautifully designed mouthpiece with versatility in mind

The Morgan Fry Rhodium Alto mouthpiece has been designed by English mouthpiece maker Morgan Fry (one of England's top mouthpiece makers) and is designed with versatility in mind to satisfy all players demands and needs of the professional player.

Detailed description

It’s a known fact that a lot of people find metal mouthpieces too bright and edgy for the alto sax and instead go for ebonite for more tonal character; however this is where this piece stands out. I was surprised how smoothly it played for a metal piece, full of character and tonal colours. There was a real sense of quality to this piece which shows by the care and attention put into the design with precision made to the rails, tip and baffle design with no marks; and rhodium plating which makes it really stand out. What was so surprising about this piece is it had a really fat depthy tone to it and was not thin or shrill which can often be the case with metal pieces and the altissimo popped out with ultimate ease.

The piece is very free-blowing and the subtone was really easy to play with real warmth and thickness to the sound. It also has some serious projection and power when pushed, and again this does not turn piercing or edgy. This is the sort of piece that allows you to really develop and find your own personal sound.

A brilliant all-round piece whether you want to play soft ballards or powerful funk/electro music. If you are in the mindset that metal pieces are too shrill, bright and edgy give this a go and it might just change your mind, thumbs up to Morgan Fry to this piece!


Material - Brass (rhodium plated)

Made in - England

Chamber - Medium chamber

Window - Sloping mid-low baffle

Ligature - No Ligature

Manufacturing Process - CNC and hand finished by Morga Fry

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