Lawton Metal Alto Sax Mouthpiece

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World famous mouthpieces hand made in the UK by Jason Lawton.

As you can see there is a large choice of options with a Lawton mouthpiece so you may have to wait a few weeks for yours to be individually made. Is it worth it?..........YES!!!

Lawton Saxophone mouthpieces, made in the United Kingdom, have gained a very respectable name from players around the world. They have always been made from the best possible materials, e.g. the stainless steel mouthpieces made from surgical stainless steel, the highest quality available today and the ebonite mouthpieces machined from a solid bar, thus ensuring that the mouthpiece you buy today is still the same mouthpiece you are playing in years to come.

With names like Johnny Dankworth, Ron Hollowday, John Williams, Frank Foster, Alberto Pinton, Dave Bishop, Vinny Golia, Tim Price, James Carter, Greg Banaszak, Ernie Watts, Rickey Woodard, Gary Barnacle, Don Braden and Sonny Rollins using Lawton mouthpieces, maybe its time for you to find out why these players use Lawton

Supplied with GOLD Lawton ligature & cap


Plain Large chamber, low baffle for a big dark tone, ideally suited for Orchestral, classical and Jazz playing.

Model B. Medium chamber and baffle for brilliant full tone. Specifically designed for projection (big bank work and Jazz playing.

Model BB. Medium chamber and high baffle for maximum power and edge. Ideal for Jazz rock and producing harmonics.

"This is a truly amazing mouthpiece...Wow! The tone is clear, defined, and bright throughout... it certainly cuts through, however, there is a surprising sweetness and richness to it. This is very much a lead/soloist mouthpiece...very individual...Altissimo register is easily accessible and one of the best mouthpieces for harmonics...This is a slick mouthpiece...that’s why I use it..." (Tristan Clifton on a Lawton 9BB)

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