La Voz - Baritone Saxophone Reed - Single

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Buy any 10 Single Reeds - Save 10%

Crafted from premium cane for consistent response and playability, La Voz is the choice of professional saxophone players. Unfiled for a deep, powerful tone, La Voz is the reed of choice for many of the world's top jazz musicians.

Unfiled reed for powerful tone & premium cane for consistent response.

"Unfiled and good for a full, rich tone. These reeds have a bright, 'reedy', slightly percussive feel that makes them ideal for work in electric bands or in other contexts where a lot of power is required. A favourite for funk and R&B playing . They are fairly soft compared with a lot of other reed types so also are a relatively easy blow (but, as a function of this, also not as long lasting)"

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