JodyJazz Jet Mouthpiece - Alto

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This latest release from Jody Jazz reveals a much more intelligent mouthpiece, a step-up from its previous incarnation, the Classic. Taking its design technology from the DV and made from a special polycarbonate alloy, the all-new JET sounds whizzy and exciting, and to be fair, it is! It won't cost the progressing student a fortune to advance on to one of these pieces, but it will give the player a natural increase in volume, but without an increase in resistance. The tone is vibrant and extremely responsive - it is baffled sufficiently to give the sound a brightness and a lift at a medium airflow or beyond. If you're looking to get into pop gigs/fusion stuff/rock n roll this piece should be considered - it won't cost you as much as a Dukoff but it most likely is more consistently made!!

The all new 'JET' series is made on our new five-axis CNC mill in our factory in Savannah. This new series has been developed to offer a USA-made contemporary mouthpiece design at an affordable price. The JET is made using many of the same state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques developed by JodyJazz during the design and development of our award winning DV series. The Alto model shall be the first in the series to be launched, followed by Tenor and then Baritone and Soprano in the future.

The JET shares many similar characteristics to the Classic series and is constructed from the same premium polycarbonate material. However the JET features a new chamber and facing curve to deliver a noticeably brighter and more focused sound. Though still versatile enough to serve intermediate and advanced students, professionals and all players will appreciate their playability and effortless Altissimo. On playing the new JET mouthpiece, Jody's words probably best sum up the experience, "It's just fun to play…it's like jumping in to a powerful little sports car!"

Complete with a Rico H Ligature

Tip Openings

5 = .074"

6 = .080"

7 = .086"

8 = .091"

9 = .102"

10 = .109"

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