JodyJazz HR* - Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

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JodyJazz HR - Vintage Jazz Sound. It has the look, feel and even the smell of Vintage Hard Rubber.

The HR is a hard rubber saxophone mouthpiece aimed at professionals and students looking for a traditional versatile mouthpiece. High quality control standards, a beautiful warm sound and a nice free blowing feel make these new mouthpieces amazing players.

The Soprano sax model is a straight-ahead jazz soprano mouthpiece. The sound is warm and round with good projection. The Chamber is round and smooth.

Three Goals in Creating the HR* Series of Saxophone Mouthpieces

1. To offer the most traditional style of jazz saxophone mouthpiece: round chamber hard rubber, and demand and obtain the most rigorous quality control possible.

2. To create a freeblowing hard rubber mouthpiece that allows the lowest and highest notes to speak with equal ease.

3. To make a hard rubber sax mouthpiece that can sound beautiful, but also give good strong projection when necessary.


" I really like this mouthpiece because it is responsive, plays well in all of the registers, and has a sweetness that compliments the naturally bright frequencies of the soprano. It also has a rich darkness and warmth, without the stuffiness associates with hard rubber mouthpieces of the past. Plus, the projection is great " Laura Dreyer

" … produced a warm, dark tone and blew freely and evenly across the traditional range of the horn. … Extremely responsive, the HR* lets you tongue fast and accurately through uptempo passages without choking up in the throat." Ed Enright, Downbeat 2006

Very much an 'industry standard' on soprano. A similar design to 'pieces such as Links and Meyers but with greater projection and an especially good build quality. Particularly stable and very good intonation on the vast majority of sopranos.

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