Guardala FatBoy MBII - Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - FiberCarbon

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Get that classic modern Brecker sound, but with the ease and response of the new lightweight FiberCarbon technology! A powerful yet nuanced mouthpiece now on the scene.

Introducing a new material to the world of mouthpiece technology, this FiberCarbon mouthpiece (Mix of Fiberglass and Carbon) is designed to resonate extremely freely, whilst giving the player the physical feeling of the original mouthpiece which it is based upon. This MBII has all the playing characteristics of the MBII but the sound is a little less direct, while maintaining a high resonance and response. It also has an innovative booster system offering more balance and precision overall.

Product Features:

• Material: FiberCarbon

• Made In: Hamburg, Germany

• Chamber: Medium-Small

• Baffle: High

• Ligature: Rovner SS

• Manufacturing Method: CNC machined in Hamburg

• Recommended for: modern styles, but can play jazz!


Nadir has created another beautiful Classic here. His Guardalas, or his own twists on them, always produce the most responsive and resonant sound you could ask for. This mouthpiece really feels like it delivers the same energy as a standard metal MBII; however if you prefer the non-metal feel in your mouth, and in my opinion a slightly more veiled tonal characteristic, this mouthpiece is well worth considering. If anything, the response is more immediate, most likely due to the lightweight nature of the material. - Jim Cheek (

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