Drake - New Era - Soprano Ebonite Mouthpiece

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A high quality mouthpiece suitable for all styles of music.

The New Era soprano mouthpiece is the latest piece out from the renowned mouthpiece maker Aaron Drake. These pieces have gained a great reputation recently with their great sound, unique design and strong attention to detail.

Detailed description

These pieces are all handmade By Aaron and the first thing I noticed was how well built this mouthpiece is. The attention to detail is top notch and this is immediately evident by the smooth unmarked tip and rails. The mouthpiece is made from a special vintage resin which recreates the richness and depth sound produced by pieces of the past; combined with the modern-day manufacturing process. This piece was very responsive, played very smoothly with very stable intonation and tuning throughout the whole range of the sax. I was incredibly impressed by the amount of tonal colours that can be produced from this piece, which is down to the vintage resin material used. The sub-tone was absolutely effortless and the tone came out warm and full bodied, which makes it perfect for playing smooth ballads. When pushed this piece had some serious power and this didn’t become harsh at loud volumes which can often be the case on the soprano. This also makes the piece perfect for playing in louder settings such as funk, rock or electronic music. Overall a great piece which should satisfy all the demands of the everyday musician who plays in many different musical situations. Dom@sax.co.uk

• Material -Vintage Resin ebonite

• Made in USA

• Medium Chamber

• Window- Rollover Baffle

• Liagture - Vintage resin Double Rail Ligature

• Handmade

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