DAddario Select Jazz Limited Edition Sandstone Marble Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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EXCLUSIVE to in Europe

We are proud to showcase this wonderful Marble version of the D’addario Select Jazz mouthpiece. This stylish and impressive Marble finished mouthpiece produces a beautifully pure and free blowing jazz sound.

The D’addario Select Jazz Marble Mouthpiece captures the feel and tone of legendary mouthpieces from years past. Now, today’s saxophonists have a chance to discover for themselves the sound that, for decades, set the standard of jazz.

The sound quality is classic, warm and even, and when pushed, it holds on to these qualities. It is CNC milled using solid, marble-coloured rod rubber and this process enables complete consistency from model to model.

Material: Solid Marble Rod Rubber

Made In: USA

Chamber: Medium

Baffle: Low

Ligature: Not Included

Manufacturing Method: CNC milled

Recommended for: Jazz Professionals/Students

"I’m very excited that D’addario have made this mouthpiece exclusively for us in Europe. If you’re going to be behind an exclusive line you want it to be a good one and you want it to be a mouthpiece that speaks the language of many people, not just a few. This mouthpiece does just that! From playing the first note on this piece I realised that I was going to enjoy playing every note on the horn, just from the immediate tonality and response. As you get into it you realise the classic dark and smooth tone is present throughout the entire range and at every dynamic level. It articulates cleanly and at speed. When pushed it doesn’t particularly go bright, it holds on to its basic core. If you’re looking for a classic jazz mouthpiece, with no frills attached, this is a great piece!" - Jim (

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