Claude Lakey - Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Claude Lakey mouthpieces deliver a full, creamy tone but with potential for a bright, percussive edge. A good choice for any player wanting projection and bite but without resorting to a metal 'piece.

•5* (.065) Control your sound with ease. Clear, even, round ,warm sound. Good projection.

•6* (.070) Bright, clear, centered sound that will let your horn respond the way you want. Great projection and ease of play.

•7* (.075) Same characteristics as the 6* with a longer facing and wider tip opening. You can put more air in the horn but still have that clear, centered sound.

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Claude Lakey Mouthpieces

Current owner and President of Claude Lakey mouthpieces, Nick Bogden, began taking lessons from Claude in 1956 in both trumpet and saxophone. Nick was president of the famous San Fernando Valley youth band in the 1960’s. In 1974 Nick purchased the music store from Claude and his wife, Norma. Claude devoted all his energy to develop the current line of mouthpieces and they continue to please Sax players around the world. Nick Bogden teamed up with "The Captain & Tennille" in 1979 to build and operate Rumbo Recording Studios in Canoga Park, California. During this period Nick was involved with many top recording artists of the 1980’s including Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Survivor, Bob Seger, The Beach Boys, Super Tramp, REO among others. Nick Bogden and his wife Mary Jo purchased the mouthpiece business in 1990 and are devoted to carry on the fine tradition that Claude Lakey started.

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