Claude Lakey - Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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A powerful mouthpiece with a real presence of sound

The Claude Lakey mouthpiece is a very powerful piece and is ideal for players who need to cut through. These pieces are handcrafted and made from a high quality composite which shows in the quality of the design of the piece. This piece is ideal for players who need to be heard when playing with loud amplified instruments or as a lead player in a big band.

Detailed description

Claude Lakey have come up with a piece that in terms of power and projection can be compared with the Vandoren Jumbo Java. It shares many characteristics with a metal mouthpiece in terms of the power and projection that you can produce, with a real clarity of sound. However like the jumbo java with some work this can be tamed and you can produce a warmer and darker sound with more tonal characteristics. It’s very free-blowing and the altissimo comes screaming of this piece with ultimate ease.

Overall a very easy piece to play. However if you are looking to immediately produce a smooth warm sound it may be worth considering a different setup.

Material - Hard rubber composite

Made in - USA

Chamber - Small

Window - High Baffle

Ligature - Ligature and Cap Not Included

Manufacturing Process - Handcrafted

Tip Openings

•4*3 (.075) Medium short facing. free-blowing, blends beautifully.

•5*3 (.080) The most versatile mouthpiece for Alto. Clear, even, solid, bright sound. Great response which can be played delicately or pushed when needed.

•6*3 (.085) Medium long facing with a bigger tip opening.Used by many lead alto players or solo work. Very responsive with great projection.

•7*3 (.090) Bright, clear, centered sound that can easily be heard at the back of the auditorium. Your sound can compete with anything your GIG throws at you.

•8*3 (.095) When you need that extra projection. Bright, can't be overblown.

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