Box Rigotti Gold Alto Sax Jazz Cut

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Rigotti Gold Jazz is the most popular cut available from this highly reputable manufacturer. They feature an unfiled profile and create a warm and robust tone with plenty of flexibility.

The foundation of any good reed is the very cane that it is made from; Rigotti cane is famous worldwide for its quality tonal capability. Sourced from the Sarl Marion in the famous Var region of southern France, the optimum environmental conditions allow the cane to get the best possible start before Rigotti’s careful manufacturing and preparation processes take over.

We now sell box quantities of these fantastic reeds (10 per box).


"Having played just about every major reed known to man as part of my job testing products, I was really blown away by the immediate quality of these Rigotti Gold reeds. I have always been a Jazz Select kind of guy, and find it hard to find another reed that rivals the balance of warmth and projection that my usual reed gives me, but in Rigotti I think I have found just that! And what was even more pleasing, was the fact that this was the first reed I picked out of a box of ten, then I picked out the second one – same result! Let’s hope it carries on like this through the rest of the box!"- Jim Cheek (

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