BG Duo Ligature for Alto Sax & Bb Clarinet

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The new DUO ligature by BG is for Bb clarinet and alto saxophone hard rubber mouthpieces.

The BG Duo Ligature is a slick, easily adjusted and has with excellent resonance, tonal quality and control.

The BG Duo Ligature gives players centered, stable intonation in all registers. The ligature gives players access to precise articulation and a focused, warm sound quality and flexibility. The floating design allows minimum contact on both the reed and mouthpiece for maximum vibrations. Grips perfectly to cane and synthetic reeds to allow for quick and easy reed or instrument changes.

Comes in a variety of finished ranging from gold lacquer to rose gold plate.

•Grips perfectly on cane or synthetic reeds

•Carefully designed to reduce contact with the mouthpiece to produce the maximum vibration

•Single screw enables faster assembly and disassembly

•Focused tone

•Stable intonation in all registers

•Warm sound quality

•Precise articulation

Staff Review

The BG Duo Ligature marries the idea that resonance and comfort with ease. The ligature is quick and easy to adjust, which is vital for any player whether you’re a doubler needing to switch between mouthpieces/instruments knowing that the set-up will stay in place as well as seasoned players looking for a versatile lig. The design allows for the reed to resonate on a scale I haven’t experienced with many other ligatures, letting the altissimo sing sweetly and clearly, without having to overblow or overbite.

All in all, my time with the BG Duo has been nothing but easy, they’re well built, sturdy, reliable and lets me play with freedom and expression.

Michael - Saxophone Specialist, London

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