Aizen SO Mouthpiece - Tenor Saxophone

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Staff Review

Made from a unique ebonite/resin blend, these mouthpiece seem light and fragile but they play like monsters. Whilst extremely free blowing, the projection on offer here is huge. Aimed directly at those looking for the coveted Selmer Soloist, the sound is focused and rich with harmonics. An advantage that I felt this mouthpiece had over the Link copy Aizen make was its versatility. When blown normally I got a warm fuzzy sound with crisp edges, a la Joe Henderson, but when I pushed it a bit more the sound became much more robust and hard hitting. I tried a 7* for this test and found the tip felt surprisingly small so those looking for a more resistant set up may want to try a tip opening or two larger than usual.

" the spirit of the much sought after original Selmer Soloist mouthpieces"

With its smooth flow and outstanding responsiveness, this is a high quality mouthpiece, suitable for both classical and jazz alike. The special chamber and short shank give a warm yet punchy tone. AIZEN has designed it to avoid the airflow problems that plague vintage mouthpieces hitting low notes.

Players using the AIZEN SO can experience that unique vintage mouthpiece sound, while also enjoying a stress-free, well-balanced sound over the whole range from top to bottom.

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