10MFAN Black Widow Ebonite Tenor Mouthpiece

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10MFan have produced another modern classic. This "crossover" mouthpiece takes those qualities of warmth and spread that comprise the cornerstone of Mark’s work and adds a dimension of power and projection. It fits somewhere in-between the Robusto and the Boss in terms of the brightness scale, but it has the flexibility to take you back to the warmth of the Merlot when played at lower air velocities.

The BLACK WIDOW will be loved by jazz players looking for a powerful piece that can be used for straight ahead stuff, and also the more commercial players looking for another design option for a powerful piece with a longer and more moderate baffle height design than The BOSS HR. The baffle goes to the chamber and makes this piece incredibly versatile.


Material: Hard Rubber

Made In: USA

Chamber: Medium

Baffle: High and long

Ligature: NA

Manufacturing Method: CNC machined, then hand finished

Recommended for: Jazz/Modern styles


"I’ve always been a fan of Mark’s work in that he has always aspired to build on his huge knowledge of classic vintage pieces and take them to another level, in keeping with modern player requirements. This cross-over piece has struck upon all the right elements and Mark has created a punchy and voluminous piece that allows the player to drop back and control warmer hybrid sound. It reminds me of Berg Larsens in their heyday!" - Jim Cheek (Sax.co.uk)

For a very positive and detailed review of this piece, see well-recognised sax gear blogger Steve Neff’s article.

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