Ex-Hire - Sakkusu Curved Soprano - Deluxe

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Staff Review

This is a super-punchy and bold sounding mouthpiece – it really drives with a strong and bright core, and with plenty of overtones. Even on the middle range of the tenor the sound really drives and could conceivably compete with any loud noises around you, such as over-driven guitars or powerful lead trumpet players. This is not so much of a jazz mouthpiece in my book – the baffle is too raised to give you a warm sound at medium airflow levels – but due to the huge chamber it can offer a big depth within the power and brightness – useful again when looking to cut through the mix with the right sound in rock/R&B/Pop and fusion set-ups.


Manufacturers Description

This is the new generation powerhouse mouthpiece—a full bodied high baffle mouthpiece.

If you are a player who blows darker:

The sound will be very powerful, thick, rich, warmer, husky, and meaty with tons of power top to bottom. You’ll be able to get brightness now when you want it.

If you are a player who blows brighter: this will be a super powerful, bright mouthpiece for you— most likely the most powerful tenor mouthpiece you’ve ever played.

The multi-phonics and altissimo are truly incredible. This mouthpiece can be played quietly and retains a huge tone, and has the availability of exceptional power throughout the ranges. Reed choices are so crucial for you to get brighter or warmer with all of my mouthpieces! If you’ve had bad luck with higher baffle pieces in the past, allow me to show you how great this can be when executed properly. This doesn’t feel like a high baffle piece to me. I’ve had friends play it and they are amazed at how the air goes through it. They agreed it doesn’t feel like a typical high baffle to them either. It has enormous depth and flexibility.

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