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These are brand new reeds in either undealed tins or individual bags. All untouched and unplayed!

Pro Reviews

"The Alexander Reeds give me everything I'm looking for in a reed. From triple pianissimo to triple forte, it's all there!! It's great to play on a reed that can handle the diverse musical settings I'm involved in. From orchestral concepts, big bands, electronic groups, and my quartet, these are the best and most consistent reeds I've played in years, they're great...I love them!! Alexander reeds are the BEST and in time the world will know it." Joe Lovano

"These reeds have a very unique character and the absolute best response of any reed that I have ever played - and I've played quite few in my 27 years as a saxophonist. Every one plays well - even the ones that I prefer less than others.I am also using the soprano reeds for the first time during my week with Joe Lovano at the Iridium. They are smoking! At the moment, they are absolutely perfect. Clean and bright response in all registers, just the way I like them." Greg Osby

Alexander Reeds allow the tone to be closer to the sensitivity of the speed of sound." Ornette Colman

"It took Tom Alexander's exquisite reeds to get me back to using cane after 20 years on plastic. They are a classy product, even the packaging is artistic. The reeds vibrate evenly, consistently and last for quite awhile while the sound produced has the right balance of highs and lows that I am always striving for. If reeds had been this good back in the 1980s, I would've never have changed to plastic!!"  Dave Liebman

"These are some of the best reeds I have ever played. They have a warm, rich, full-bodied sound; a feel which is both firm and flexible; great projection; and tremendous longevity. The switch was well worth the time and effort."  Joshua Redman


In the early 1990's, after many months of intense development and testing of prototypes, the original "Alexander Superial" was put into production.

Our aim with this first model was to design a reed which produced a warm, resonant "buzz", good projection, even scale throughout the registers, and a wide dynamic range. In other words we wanted this reed to provide a tonal platform that was free blowing, capable of quick and accurate articulation, and one that gave immediate presence.

This was in line with the tonal concept of the "American" style single cut reeds, but with more developed heart and rear vamp area, one with "spring" and natural resilience needed to produce a really big sound.

We ran an extensive testing program with various professionals and we were also fortunate enough to have the valuable feedback from the renowned veteran mouthpiece maker Ralph Morgan, his excellent crew and others.

After all our testing confirmed the good results of the final prototype, we believed we had finally come up with a reed worthy of manufacture.

The combination of a new design influenced by traditional reed making concepts (and therefore in essence "time proven"), and the highest grade of cane we could find, became born as the original Alexander Superial with its yellow labeled tin.

"The Classique reed is used not only by classical and concert performers, but any others looking for a darker tone which this reed's harder tip and heart produce."

Dave Liebman

Staff Review

"There are four different cuts of these reeds to choose from; Classique- a standard classical cut, Superial, DC & ‘New York’ (their website- has a useful little chart comparing the design of their reeds with other popular makes). Expensive, yes- but set against that is the fact these reeds are extremely consistent- if you’re used to having to reject a proportion of reeds in any given box the almost zero reject rate of these effectively covers most of the price difference. And they come in a very nice box."

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