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Drake Jerry Bergonzi MASTER SERIES Tenor Mouthpiece


250.00 (208.33 Excl VAT @ 20%)

General Overview

Drake Jerry Bergonzi MASTER SERIES Tenor Mouthpiece is part of our Drake range. Apart from Drake Jerry Bergonzi MASTER SERIES Tenor Mouthpiece you'll find a number of featured Drake within the department at competitive prices.

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This model has been developed through a close colaboration between Aaron Drake and Jerry Bergonzi. It has taken over two years to refine the various design ellements incorporated in this model. The fundamental design is based on Jerry's personal EB from the 1960's. The classic "crescent" shaped baffle transitions to a recalibrated floor contour and ultimately a round large chamber. The tip and side rails are finished to the exact specifications that Jerry prefers - this slightly wider contour helps to generate a thickness and stability in the sound and attack. The addition of the banding on the shank helps to focus the core vibrational frequencies and generates greater projection.

"This is a monster piece - I love the fact that you can attack mid to high notes and immediately the sound is broad and heavy-set, without that thinness that can sometimes creep into this register. The whole range feels very smooth and playable and, again, the sound can project when the player wants it to."

Drake Mouthpieces is very proud that every aspect of these mouthpieces, and our other products, is "Home Grown" 100% made in the USA. Our products are all made "in house" , no part of the manufacturing process is outsourced.

Drake Mouthpieces have become known around the world for their high quality, innovative designs and unique material make up.

Drake is the first mouthpiece maker to utilize ceramic material to enhance the acoustic properties of our products. Our mouthpieces are revered for their accurate, immediate response and their incredible intonation stability and projection qualities.

Aaron Drake personally hand faces and finishes every mouthpiece. Aaron is an accomplished saxophonist with Bachelor and Master Degrees in Performance from the Eastman School of Music. He is also the recipient of a "Downbeat" award for outstanding soloist, and has toured throughout Europe and America.
"...much of the knowledge and conclusions I have arrived at are through my studies and performance of the Saxophone. Although mathematical accuracy is of extreme importance, how our mouthpieces play is of most critical concern. Every mouthpiece I make is calibrated and finished by hand as well as play tested to ensure the broadest spectrum of performance accuracy and expression." - Aaron Drake